[OutVoice] we're a touring band lookin' for venues

RagdBlade at aol.com RagdBlade at aol.com
Sat Jan 26 12:29:30 EST 2008


I just wanted to offer up our touring gay & gay-friendly band for out of town 
gigs. Ragged Blade was mainly a theater group but we've reorganized a bit and 
we've got a band of singers/musicians that plays original songs (by me) and 
varies in size depending on who can go where. 

We've played locally around St. Louis, took a trip to Springfield, MO, and 
have upcoming gigs in Austin, Oklahoma City, and Cape Girardeau, MO.

We'll be happy to talk about roaming regionally (Chicago, Indy, Louisville, 
Nashville, etc...), anything farther away we can talk about too but it takes 
more work to get there.

If you have a venue, event, festival, etc... you think we can fill, or just 
wanna hear more about us or some music samples please drop me a line and I'll 
get you what I can. I'm working on a myspace but it's not up yet; it should be 
up within the week.


Jerry Rabushka
Ragged Blade Productions
St. Louis, MO

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