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Dear Outsters--
Well, it's been such a beautiful weekend that it took me some time to find  
some time to post the playlist for Saturday's show. My ATX Live pal Andrew  
joined Digital Debra and me for the first week of our Spring Membership Drive  
Shows. The focus for the next three weeks will be celebrating the folks who have 
 appeared on "QueerWaves" during our last 10  years.                          
                                                               Here's who 
you'd have heard if you tuned in 91.7fm KOOP Austin or linked to  
htttp://www.koop.org this Saturday (or some particular Saturday sometime during  the last 10 
MEG HENTGES/"This Kind Of Love"/Brompton's Cocktail (Meg was our first  
Lesbian Musician to appear on the show..)
KIRT KEMPTER/"Big Bad Funky Dad"/Family Values: A Compilation of Songs by  
Austin's Lebian/Gay Singers and Songwriters (Kirt was our first Gay Male  
MARY GAUTHIER/"Mercy Now"/Mercy Now (She was on one of our first Taylor's  
Birthday shows..her first performance on the Austin airwaves, I think..)
(How could I not honor the memory of GayTX, the program that united  
"QueerWaves" with Andrew's "ATX Live" for Stonewall Saturday, by playing the  artists 
who appeared..)
THE TUNAHELPERS/"Restraining Order"/Girl By Girl: The Best of Gaby &  Mo's
DARLING NEW NEIGHBORS/"Puppies"/Every Day is Saturday Night
ASSACRE/"Fantastic Illusions Worth Dying For"/Fantastic Illusions Worth  
Dying For
PATRICE PIKE/"Tic Tock America"/Amaze Me: Songs in the Key of Peace
EL VEZ/"Lust For Christ"/Boxing with God
DANIEL LINK/"Evergreen"/Color of Rain (Love ya, Mr L..)
ZOE LEWIS/"Elizabeth"/Small is Tremendous
NEXT WEEK: More of the fine folks who've made this a fun way to kill  10 
Love, Taylor
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