[OutVoice] Musical journeys intersect at the "Audiofile"+A gay Indonesian fights back

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Mon Apr 2 03:58:06 EDT 2007

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                            THIS WAY OUT
             the international gay & lesbian radio magazine
                 Program #992, distributed 04/02/07
        (hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
   Musical journeys in three countries intersect at the "Audiofile";
              A gay Indonesian fights human rights abuses;
Blunder bus for GOP prez hopeful John McCain's "Straight Talk Express";
 Healthcare demands mark ACT UP's 20th, Equality Riders are bussed to
   jail by Christian colleges they have "trespassed against," Arab
lesbians defy Islamic protesters at a Haifa confab, and more GLBT news

* In "NewsWrap": Hundreds in New York City celebrate the 20th anniversary of 
ACT UP – the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power – with 27 arrests at a "die-in" 
demanding a single-payer health care system and drug price controls, while a 
smaller group avoids arrests at a similar action in San Francisco... the second 
year of an "Equality Ride," sponsored by the ecumenical group Soulforce and 
carrying young activists on two buses to several conservative Christian 
colleges across the U.S. that silence or expel LGBT students, face uglier opposition 
and more arrests at several campuses... two prominent U.S. seminaries for 
Conservative Judaism announce their acceptance of openly-queer students for 
ordination... Arab lesbians defy Islamic taboos with a rare conference in the 
northern Israeli city of Haifa... and more GLBT news from around the world (written 
by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by DON LUPO and RICK WATTS).

* ARIZONA SENATOR JOHN McCAIN punctured a political tire on the second day of 
his Republican presidential campaign bus tour in mid-March.  According to a 
"New York Times" report by Adam Nagourney, the flat on McCain's "Straight Talk 
Express" occurred when an unnamed reporter asked the candidate's position on 
the distribution of taxpayer-subsidized condoms to fight the spread of AIDS in 
Africa.  In a shaky response punctuated by long pauses and nervous laughter, 
McCain deferred to the "wisdom" of conservative Republican Senator (and Dr.) 
Tom Coburn, as he desperately sought assistance from his press secretary and 
senior advisor.  With our RICK WATTS as "The Reporter" and DON LUPO as "Senator 
McCain" reading from a transcript of the exchange, This Way Out's LUCIA 
CHAPPELLE has the bumpy details.

* A brave gay man is standing pretty much alone in INDONESIA.  Growing 
conservative pressure in his country has made the northern province of ACEH where he 
lives the first in the mostly moderate Islamic country to enforce Sharia, or 
religious law.  Women's and other human rights groups were already raising the 
alarm about the interpretation of "moral crimes" when the police burst 
through the door of this now gay "activist" man.  From Radio 68H in JAKARTA, REBECCA 
HENSCHKE filed this report for FREE SPEECH RADIO NEWS [www.fsrn.org].

* Artists representing three countries and diverse musical styles each bring 
their powerful personal experiences to this edition of the "AUDIOFILE" 
(excerpts from "Inside Out" and "I Will Follow" from Toronto-based MICAH BARNES' 
self-titled CD; "Shades of Grey" and "Nature of the Drug" from Londoner DREW 
PILGRAM's "MAGNETIC SIDEWAYS PULL"; and "Free Man" and "Echo" from Nashville-based 
FREDDY FREEMAN's "BREAK THE SILENCE" -- with comments by each artist, hosted 
by CHRIS WILSON & JD DOYLE, and written & produced with CHRISTOPHER DAVID 
TRENTHAM) [www.audiofile.org].
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