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Hello Lover~

It is time for new beginnings....rebirth....the spring weather is bouncing on us, and I'm loving it.

I hope u are doing well. Smiling and fondling yourself...

So, I will be having my first show in NYC in about 8 months. I have been laying low, u know?
April 27th at Area @ Don Hills. 11pm.

I have a new movie I was involved with, acting and music called '2 Minutes later'. More info below. Also if you every go to Provincetown, Ma. USA. U will have a treat there this summer. Details to follow next month.

Boston Boys and Ladies are looking for a location to have a private party. If u can refer let me know.




Philly Fri April 13th -International Film Festival
ill be at this one

Miami G n L film Festival - SATURDAY, APRIL 28

	RADIO INTERVIEW on Outvoice.com
	LISTEN HERE : http://www.rainbowworldradio.com/

	NEW MYSPACE ( as of Aug. 06) www.myspace.com/houstonbernardlover

read below # 8


 				'SAY GOODBYE feat. Raistalla ( Kaz Gamble Remix)'

				Directed by Robert Gaston from Lil coals Big Pictures.

 	i Tunes link to my Album - Whores Have More Fun 

	HoustonBernard: Whores Have More Fun

             Whores REMIXed

	I Tines Link - Whores REMIXED

 		Daisy Spurs Rock !!  



1.    Next Show dates  { mark ur calendar }

2.    'Whores Have More Fun'--- T-Shirts 

3.      Under the pink Carpet live interview and show

4.      Why Does the World Hate America ???  Watch this...

5.     My CD ‘Whores Have More Fun’ is Available at these stores
6.     Booking HB??

7.     Wanna be a HB STREET HUSTLER?? 

8.     WRITE TO A SOLDIER  www.soldiersangels.org 

9.      Other Community Site profiles and my links - Dlist, Xpeeps, qpeeps

10. How DO U suck it? REsponses...Feel Free to send your stories and opinons.





~~ ONE ~~  

Show Dates  

{ Mark Ur Calendar.....!! }

April, 27 2007 at Area @ Don Hills 
511 Greenwich St, 
New York, NY 10013
*First time performing WHORES HAVE MORE FUN with a LIVE band.
10pm - Get there early and party with me...Im a mess~

June 2nd in Trenton, NJ 
another trip to Mill hill Basement..always love it.


Philly Fri April 13th -International Film Festival
ill be at this one

Miami G n L film Festival - SATURDAY, APRIL 28


If interested in booking me. contact my management.
DomDouglasent at yahoo.com


  Music / T-Shirts/ 


'Special Kick' with Nad Mika from Germany.
its available on  i tunes, 


T-Shirts Available  “Whores Have More Fun”
take a look on my photo page


 Made by Will? From Willpowergraphics.com  Amazing artist

Send $23 at Paypal.com, 
to email : HoustonBernard at yahoo.com
leave your size and address.
$30 Gets u a signed CD and T shirt.

Advocate Magz  HB's   (TOP 10 Indie Album 2005) 



~~THREE ~~   



  Why Does the world hate America??? Watch this...


~~~ FIVE ~~~  

  U  c a n   p I c k   u p   m y   C D   I n   t h e s e   c I t I e s    


Amoeba in Hollywood


and Jellys CD’s on Park ave. near Elm Park.


F e t I s h   F a c t o r y
855 E. Oakland Park Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334
Store Hours: Monday - Saturday: 11am-9pm Sunday: 12pm-6pm


Outlandish videos and Gifts, leather store too
274 Goodman st. 
Rochester, NY 14607


~~SIX ~~   

 Booking HB to Perform or DJ ??
Yeah my skills are there..
Booking through DOm DOuglas Entertainment
DomDouglasEnt at yahoo.com

Usually includes, travel and small performance fee.
Fluffers etc... 

~~SEVEN ~~     

  Wanna be a HB STREET HUSTLER?????

Well, my next album should be out in a few months. It doesnt matter what city u are in. I will give u an advanced copy of my new album for helping promote it.

all u would have to do is put out some promo cards that I send u, at convenience to u...at any:

- Parties, Clubs, Bars ( Gay, Electro, Goth, Indie, Fetish, Punk, Art )
    - Record Stores
    - Vintage/ trendy shops
    - hand out to People
    - Other ( your ideas)
    - Tattoo shops

its a great conversation starter for the cuties...

Email me directly with HB STREET HUSTLER in the title.
-let me know which city u are in...
HoustonBernard at yahoo.com




Yeah, lots of war going on, its it just great !!

As u may know, I spent many years in the army and its pretty crazy, Im sure its even more crazy today.

There is no need to get into politics when writing to a soldier. Just hearing from someone is always appreciated. They are just doing what they are told by idiots. I served in the military and U have no idea how much I dont like it. But, when u give up your freedom and life for your country, that is enough to get a friendly letter from someone.


www.dlist.com/houstonberna   - mostly men adult oriented 18+

http://www.xpeeps.com/member.php?u=73410  - mixed 18+

  ------------------------------ _


How Do U Suck It??

Lucky 7
1. My technique differs slightly with different individuals because my true strength is tuning in on a psychic and physical level to what you're feeling every step of the way. I enjoy doing exactly what's needed through the whole process to make you feel phenomenal. I tend to moan a bit as I'm sucking you off because I can feel it buidling in you until you reach the point of blowing your entire load down my throat, which of course is a total turn-on to me...

- Clay 

2. Slowly, with lots of tongue, gradually taking it deeper until the lucky guy is finally fucking my face. occasionally pulling it out to suck and lick his balls, hole, nipples, lips, whatever he likes. 

- Matt

3.i like to slowly lick it, and tease you by lightly sucking on the head. frenching your piss slit and when you can't take it anymore, i like to swallow your whole cock and massage your head with the back of my throat. i like to slowly come back up creating a full vaccum and then going back down when i can feel your dick head engorge from the pressure. i like to do this repeatedly till you get worked up then back off a bit and work your balls. onec you come back from the edge i like to swallow your cock again down to the base and lick your balls while your cock is in my throat. i then like to work your head and shaft with my mouth and hands till yoru ready to pop. i like to feel your hands grabbing my head and feel you gently fucking my mouth while you moan. feeling your muscles tense up as you are about to shoot and giving your cockhead one last pressure suck right before you shoot your load in my mouth. i swallow and slowly finish milking every last drop out of your cock. feeling you tremble as i clean your cock of cum with my tongue, feeling you shudder underneath me as you slowly regain your composure your cock still hard in my mouth and waiting for another round.

- Capt. Caveat

4. well lets see, just yesterday i was letting this 22yo canadian boy with leopard print hair fuck my face, when he came it shot down my throat and i choked and snorked come all over both of us. i thought it was pretty funny.
damn, the myriad of replies you must get to these fuckin bulletins of yours...instigator of naughtiness that you are.
sean and i had a buncha people over to the house last night for some drugs. now we're doing more, but different ones. wish you were here.
going to be in SF for the next sex workers conference, july 13-20. come and play?

- Meredith

5. I like to take my time sucking a guy's cock. Starting with gentle licks along the shaft of his cock, going from the top to the bottom, until I reach his balls. Then I'll lick his balls and take turns sucking on each one. Next, I'll move my tongue back up to the top until I reach the head of his cock. I'll swirl my tongue around and around and around, especially focusing on the head. Then I'll open my mouth up wide and swallow as much as I can, doing down until I start to gag. However far I manage to go down, I'll hold it there for a while and move my tongue along his cock while his cock is in my mouth. After several minutes of sucking his cock up and down, I'll use my hand to touch and gentlely pull on his balls. I'll then move my mouth back up to the head of his cock and use my hand to jerk his cock in a circular motion while I'm sucking on just the head. When he starts moaning and saying that he's about to cum, I then go deep down on his cock again, sucking harder than I've sucked before. As he cums in my mouth, I swallow and swallow. After he finishes cumming, I use my hand to push up any remaining drops of cum that are still in his cock. I eat every single last drop of his seed!

Mark, the Cumpig ;^) 

6.  	Well lets see....I start off kissing your neck and sucking and bitting your ears....working my way down to your chest kissing as I move down.....then I start kissing and sucking your inner thighs as I get closer to your dick......then I lick the tip of your tick teasing you making you yearning for me to suck it.....I slowly start gliding my tongue along your dick getting it nice and hard and wet......work my way back up to the tip.....I slowly grip your dick with my thigh small mouth.....I slowly start sucking....I begin to jerk your dick while Im sucking it....I start to deep throat while I feel your warm dick in the back of my throat.....and.....I gag while taking more and more while your precum shoots down my throat.....I start gripping it thighter with my mouth and sucking it faster and faster....I can feel your about to cum and your grab my head and force your dick all the way down my narrow throat and release down my throat........I continue to suck your dick making sure not to leave a drop....You can take it anymore and pull me off your dick calaspsing on the bed for a well needed nap.....Hope you Enjoyed!

Sadistically yours,

7. start off real slow... lickin the head, up n down the shaft... skim my toungue across the balls real lightly then slide it back up the shaft. spit on it and get it real wet while i look up into their eyes. make some of the spit dribble from my chin, then in 1 shot take the whole thing to the back of my throat... let it back out real slow... spit on it again, wrap my hand around it and slide and twist up and down as i slobber it nice and good... i usually dont have to go much further cause by then u already blasted down my throat...


I will answer u if u email me...

Luv in ur no no place~



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