[OutVoice] Steve Cohen releases 4 New Songs under new name... Elton Costello

KeysCohen at aol.com KeysCohen at aol.com
Mon Dec 4 13:43:05 EST 2006

hello list people..

There was so much confusion using my name.."Steve Cohen"..... I've decided to 
change it to "Elton Costello".   :)

I was unble to be found in a simple google search due to the fact that there 
are a million people with the name "steve cohen".   There is even two "steve 
cohen's on itunes.   Only one Elton Costello.   I know.   I search for myself 
constantly.   :)

I've posted 4 new songs from my soon to be released CD, "Hyptronic 
Funkadelphia" at

your feedback is most welcome...

I'm planning to stop by the open mic in nyc tonite... if anyone is around who 
has any idea who i am..
it would be a pleasure to reconnect ...

(all 5 of my cds can be found at eltoncostello.com and the Itunes music 

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