CScandelle at aol.com CScandelle at aol.com
Mon Dec 4 10:33:27 EST 2006

Ok, so I know it’s been a while since my last  update about my signing with 
Icon Management, but not without good reason! Since  my signing with Icon 
Management so much has been going on behind the scenes in  order to insure that 
2007 is going to be the year for Scandelle! A lot of what’s  going to be 
happening really can’t be discussed publicly as of yet since some of  the talks and 
negotiations are still being finalized but, Shhhhhhhh…don’t tell  my manager 
but I’m going to let you in on a few secrets and give you a taste of  what’s to 
come! Multi-platinum selling DJ CHAOS has been hard at work in the  studio 
working on a new mix of “Just Getting Started”.  
This mix is going to have a little more of a hard  edge than the mix you’ve 
all heard and I promise you that you’ll love this new  mix just as much! We are 
in talks now with one of the major players in the new  arena of “gay cable 
channels” and if things go the way we think they will,  well…let’s just say you’
ll be seeing a lot more of me right there in your living  rooms! I can also 
tell you that in 2007, or “The Year of Scandelle” as I like to  call it, you’
re going to see a reinvention of the look and feel of Scandelle,  not the me 
the person, but they the look and feel of Scandelle the  artist. 
So, there you have it!  A few tidbits about where I’ve been, what’s been 
going on and just a little bit  about what 2007 is going to bring for us! I can’t 
tell you how much I love and  adore each and every one of you! Not only for 
being as loyal of fans as your are  and being so supportive but for just being  

Thank you all so much and I love you dearly! LOOK  OUT 2007, HERE WE COME!   
_www.scandelle.com_ (http://www.scandelle.com/)  _www.myspace.com/scandelle_ 

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