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Wed Sep 11 14:16:31 EDT 2013

Unashamed Faith Cafe (UFC) features the best in Spiritual and gifted
artists from around the world who have united  together in faith, hope and

Unashamed Faith Cafe with your host Arizzona airs on Cornerstone Connection
http://cornerstoneconnection.org Sundays 6-7 pm Est. Wednesdays 12 noon-1
pm Est.

*Questions have Artists Reflecting on 9/11/01*
For me, UFC's host -- the feeling of 9/11/01 begins with a personal and
with the direct human loss of individual lives then expands outward from
there to the world and its landscape.

Some of the Artist that Unashamed Faith Cafe (UFC) has had the pleasure of
getting to known and have given their music radio airplay -- have
graciously reflected on 9/11/01/

Please visit http://unashamedfaithcafe.com the new menu item "Questions
have Artists Reflecting on 9/11/01"

Host of Unashamed Faith Cafe (UFC)

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