[OutVoice] Brits pan Putin + Rudd's equality defense + more!

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Brits bang the drum against Russian repression;
Obama's poet goes "Looking for The Gulf Motel";
Rudd sings a new hymn about healing homophobia;
Scots pipe up for marriage equality, it's being won by microns in
Mexico and New Mexico, U.S. National Guard service benefits are trapped
in state marriage prisons, and more global LGBT news

 In "NewsWrap": A civil marriage equality bill moves toward predicted 
passage in Scotland, while another gay couple in another Mexican state 
gets a court-ordered marriage license, and a judge in New Mexico makes 
Los Alamos the eighth county in the U.S. state to offer them to 
same-gender couples… U.S. National Guard commanders in Texas, 
Mississippi and Louisiana hinder the efforts of their married gay and 
lesbian enlistees to get equal military benefits, and the Southern 
Baptist Convention bans their U.S. military chaplains from performing or
 even attending the weddings of same-gender couples… the writers of 
GLAAD award-winning DC Comics' "Batwoman" quit after being told that the
 lesbian caped crusader can't marry her police officer fiancé "Maggie 
Sawyer"… why the sexual orientation of 64-year-old record-breaking Cuba 
to Florida long-distance lesbian swimmer Diana Nyad needs to be part of 
the story… and more LGBT news from around the world (written by GREG 
GORDON, produced by STEVE PRIDE, and reported this week by JASON PROCTOR

- As leaders of the world's 
richest nations prepared for last week's G20 summit in St. Petersburg, 
activists in over 30 cities rallied to encourage them to speak out 
against Russia's recent crackdown on LGBT rights. Protestors believed 
that pressure from other heads of state would embarrass Russian 
President Vladimir Putin into backing away from even more repressive 
laws that are reportedly under consideration. The demonstrations were 
organized by the internet-based group All Out. More than 300 red-clad 
people answered the call in LONDON with a march to Downing Street, where
 just hours before Prime Minister David Cameron had committed to 
confronting Putin during the summit. KATHY CATON of the LGBT radio 
programme "Out in Brighton" was out there with the crowd.

- The 
poet calls his latest collection "a genealogy of the heart." This Way 
Out Queer Life and Literature Commentator JANET MASON calls it 
"mesmerizing" in her review of RICHARD BLANCO's "LOOKING FOR THE GULF 

- Political observers in AUSTRALIA once thought it was 
impossible for Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott to ever be elected Prime
 Minister -- but they were wrong. A stunning landslide swept the Labor 
Party and PRIME MINISTER KEVIN RUDD out of office on September 7th. Some
 say the action may have ultimately hurt him, but Rudd scored one major 
victory towards the end of the campaign over a different opponent on the
 television program "Q and A".
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