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Manning's latest revelation may test military mettle;
A gay reporter's husband is harassed at Heathrow;
Winning weddings ring in New Zealand marriage equality, New Mexico's
largest counties leap the broom while a Pennsylvania county defies that
U.S. state's hetero-only marriage law, New Jersey's new "prayer cure"
ban pits Christians against Christie, and more global LGBT news

 In "NewsWrap": New Zealand becomes the 14th country in the world to 
begin legally marrying same-gender couples, while Australians push for 
equality ahead of their September 7th national elections… officials in 
two counties in the U.S. state of New Mexico issue marriage licenses to 
lesbian & gay couples, which has Republican lawmakers howling, while
 an official in Montgomery County defies Pennsylvania's specific law 
banning them to issue marriage licenses to gay & lesbian couples… 
New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie signs a 
second-in-the-nation bill (after California) to ban so-called 
"reparative therapy" for minors, while the Golden State now braces for 
an effort to challenge a recently-passed bill requiring equal access for
 transgender students to programs and facilities in public schools… 
Germany becomes the first country in the world to allow alternatives to 
"male" or "female" on the birth certificates of intersex babies… Russian
 President Vladimir Putin issues an ostensibly "antiterrorism" edict 
banning "gatherings, rallies, demonstrations, marches and pickets" in 
Sochi during the Olympics, a Swedish high jumper's rainbow-colored nails
 turn red with love… and more LGBT news from around the world (written 
by GREG GORDON, produced by STEVE PRIDE, and reported this week by 

- Investigative American reporter
 GLENN GREENWALD's sexual orientation was not a salient point in his 
journalistic drama working with U.S. national security whistleblower 
Edward Snowden -- not until Greenwald's husband was detained by BRITISH 
authorities this week. Brazilian DAVID MIRANDA was returning to the 
couples' home in Rio from Berlin, where he had been visiting Greenwald's
 associate, documentarian Laura Poitras.  Officers at Heathrow Airport 
checked Miranda's passport, then escorted him to a private room where he
 was informed that he was being held under England's Terrorism Act of 
2000. When the couple appeared on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" Miranda 
said he was asked about many things, including his family and friends, 
and his relationship with Greenwald. However in nine hours of 
interrogation, Miranda says that the actual subject of the terrorism law
 never came up.

- The sentencing of U.S. ARMY 
PRIVATE BRADLEY (now CHELSEA) MANNING was one of two momentous 
announcements in the case of the convicted WikiLeaker this week. 
Military Judge Denise Lind ordered Manning to serve 35 years in prison, 
forfeit pay and benefits, and be dishonorably discharged. Manning will 
be required to serve a third of the jail time before being eligible for 
parole. The whistleblower formally declared the intention to make a 
gender transition the following day, before this report by "Free Speech 
Radio News" anchor DORIAN MERINA (with comments by Manning attorney 
DAVID COOMBS and analysis by "Courthouse News" reporter/court 
martial-watcher ADAM KLASFELD).
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