[OutVoice] Concerts & Playlist for Unashamed Faith Cafe (UFC) 8-25-12

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Unashamed Faith Cafe (UFC) features the best in Spiritual and gifted
artists from around the world who have united  together in faith, hope and

Unashamed Faith Cafe with your host Arizzona airs on Cornerstone Connection
http://cornerstoneconnection.org Sundays 6-7 pm Est. Wednesdays 12 noon-1
pm Est.

To find out more visit:  http://unashamedfaithcafe.com
Also, check out: http://www.youtube.com/user/azzzonline

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Rev.Yolanda to perform Sept 7, 2013

Unity Center of Practical Spirituality, Norwalk, CT. Rev. Yolanda's Old
Time Gospel Hour, 8:00 pm Est. Concert.

More info on Rev.Yolanda visit http://yolanda.net

Robert Urban to perform Sept. 15, 2013

Long Island Community Fellowship Music Festival, “One World, One Family!"
Bellmore Theater, Bellmore NY, 2:30 pm Est. Admission $20 each.

Rev. Yolanda & Rev. Glen share ACIM Study and Fellowship – Ongoing

The Fellowship of Awakening held at Yeoryai Studios, 2067 Broadway (at 72nd
St) NYC,7-9 pm Est.
The Fellowship of Awakening! Practices the power of forgiveness, by using
the 365 lessons of the ACIM workbook.

This is the playlist for Unashamed Faith Cafe 8-25-13.

Bob Peacock - He Never Said A Word
Rowe - Willie Play Your Drum
Cathy Bridges - Psalm 1
Elicia Faul - Only Grace
Cheryl A. Bragg - Lord I Give You Praise
John Edmonds - Oh What A Reunion!
Sam Sampson - Paid Up, Prayed Up, and Ready to Go
Carlos Ortiz - Breathe On Us (feat. Jessenia Alyssa)
Dave Hall - God Is Wide
Freddy Freeman - Here Is
Canaan Band - Lord's Prayer
Jason Walker - I Am Changing
Anna Gutmanis - This Love Is Real To Me
Rev. Delores P. Barry - Jesus Loves Me This I Know

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