[OutVoice] Pride In The Arts Awards Presentation Show and some other info.

Len Rogers SWS len at stonewallsociety.com
Tue Mar 9 20:20:18 EST 2010

Hi all,
     Most of the lost data has finally been recovered. Did have a huge email loss though. So if you have not heard back on something and have been waiting please email again. My apologies! January 2010 OutVoice ballots have been recovered and will be posted as soon as possible. Should be by weekend at latest. The Top ten song chart will post on 3-10 as scheduled. The February chart will post on 3-15 as expected. 
     Pride In The Arts Music Award Recipients will be announced 3-21-2010 on Rainbow World Radio at 8pm eastern time, then posted on the Pride In The Arts website. There is a large interest in an awards show with artist participation on the part of artists and voters. So the date reflects time I need to do production work to facilitate a worthy presentation. Took a bit longer than I expected to contact necessary resources. 
     And.... I cannot do on the 15th of March as I stated earlier. In my excitement of the PITA's and response, I neglected to keep March 15th open to celebrate my anniversary of thirty years with Chris.  Yeesh old age eh? There may be an anniversary show, not decided yet. Feedback?
    I will be emailing those of you who want to take part in the PITA Awards program starting 3-10-2010. The show as set above will be on the 21 of March. So if we can complete recordings by the 18 we will be great. Thanks to all of you for volunteering to take part in the program. I am very excited and have a few surprises in store. 
   There will be some changes to the OutVoice Top 40 chart effective back to January 2010. As many of you know I have wrestled with a particular problem with the chart since I took it over in 2004. That being a lack of response or even acknowledgement by the artists on the chart. Many of you email thanks or post on your website or newsletter for your fans which is wonderful, and what I am looking for. You do not need to feel compelled to thank me, not what I am asking for. I am just asking that you thank YOUR fans. It would be nice to know you got the announcement email. Even a "received" would be fine for me. As I check sites like FB and MS daily I am sure I will have no problems seeing your fan thanks if you do not email me directly. So, I have finally I think arrived at a decision. 
     If an artist goes four months on the chart without any acknowledgement or contact, I will accept that the artist has no interest in chart placement and they will be removed from the chart. I will verify email addresses and contact points first to be sure the announcements have been received. I am putting this out here for your feedback artists before I formally place on OutVoice. I do not like this, but at a loss for what else to do. If that takes the chart to a Top 20 so be it. There are artists who have been on the chart for many months, even a year, that have never acknowledged in any way. I will no longer ask fans to take time to vote for such nor do I have interest in supporting those who do not have an obvious interest in or appreciation of the chart. 
    I also realize my part in this too. My frustration and disappointment has put me in a place where I do not even send announcement emails to the chart place holders for the last several months. Sending 40 individual emails and getting any kind of answer or fan acknowledgement from less than 20 is a real depressing experience. Oh and I hear back from 20 on a good month. So I will correct my part and make sure the announcements are sent. That same lack of motivation is why there has been no monthly show for the Top 40 chart. I will also correct that. If there is more I need do, please share that information. Oh the four month rule will also apply to the Top Ten Song Chart. 
     Hope I have not made anyone angry, not my goal. 
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