[OutVoice] Bishop Tutu greets Equality marchers + From Woodstock to Stonewall + global LGBT news

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Mon Oct 19 18:29:57 EDT 2009

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Program #1,125 - distributed 10/19/09

(hosted this week by Lucia Chappelle and produced with Greg Gordon)

National Equality March clergy bring blessings from Bishop Tutu;

Tiber's travels from "Taking Woodstock" to Stonewall and back;

A Ugandan MP proposes the death penalty for gay sex, Jamaica's P.M.

nixes lesbigay rights while "kill gays" reggae star Buju Banton renews

his "war against faggots," but Russian celebrities speak out against

bias, Washington mulls District marriage equality, and more LGBT news

- In "NewsWrap": A bill proscribing the death penalty for certain
same-gender sexual activity is introduced in the Ugandan parliament...
Jamaica Prime Minister BruceGolding vows to exclude sexual minorities
from a proposed Charter of Fundamental Rights currently being drafted,
while "kill gays" Jamaican reggae starBuju Banton meets with LGBT
activists in San Francisco and then continues to fuel his "war between
me and faggots", but a group of well-known Russian singers and writers
call for an end to anti-lesbigay discrimination... in response to a
query about anti-gay measures on the ballots in Maine and Washington,
the White House issues a statement saying that PresidentObama believes
"strongly in stopping laws designed to take rights away", while a
likely-to-pass marriage equality bill is introduced in the Washington,
D.C. City Council... a Mormon leader sparks a firestorm for comparing
the backlash against his Church over its support for Proposition 8 to
the suffering of Southern Blacks during the civil rights struggles of
the1960s... and more LGBT news from around the world (written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by CHRISTOPHER GAAL and GREG GORDON). 

- Demanding full equality in the land of the free, nearly a quarter of a million LGBT activists and their supporters marched on the home of their federal government October 11th. Organizing for the NATIONAL EQUALITY MARCH was fueled by impatience with the Obama
Administration, and galvanized by state-level battles like the Prop 8
loss in California and the upcoming ballot measures in Maine and
Washington. Religious right groups have as usual been deeply involved
in opposingLGBTs on all of those issues, so it was interesting to see
queer-supportive communities of faith take the stage ahead of any other
rally speakers: theLGBT-affirming Metropolitan Community Church's REVEREND ELDER TROY PERRY reads a letter of support from Nobel Peace Prize-winning ANGLICAN BISHOP DESMOND
TUTU and salutes past and present equality pioneers in his invocation
(with intro music from the "Star Spangled Banner" performed at the

- Previously on "This Way Out," ELLIOTT TIBER told us about living the story of "TAKING WOODSTOCK." Tiber's 2007 memoir was the basis for Ang Lee's
recent film, and he shared some behind-the-scenes dish about the
legendary concert, meeting the Oscar-winning director, and how the
movie came to be. His conversation with our entertainment reporter
STEVE PRIDE concludes this week with Tiber’s personal story about
coming out, becoming an activist, and how fame has affected his life
(with intro music from "Woodstock," written and performed by JONI


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