[OutVoice] Latest Short Story Now Available OnLine

Zecca zeccaesq at verizon.net
Tue Dec 22 11:11:15 EST 2009

Hey Folks, Happy slaving-over-a-hot-instrument Holidays to all.  Hope y'all 
have gigs galore and remember to overeat to keep your energy up!  Just 
wanted to let y'all know that my 6th short story is now available in the new 
"Marriage" (December) issue of Wilde Oats emag. Our great stable of writers
with truly twisted minds has been let loose on the subject without being limited 
to LGBT marriage, and there's also a non-fiction section and even a photo gallery.  
My new story's titled "The Wedding Party" by, as always, J. A. Zecca, and I still 
have other stories in the Archives to transport you away from the Holiday stress, 
at least for a little while.  Check out:


click "Fiction" and enjoy.  

Peace and Love,

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