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= Happy Holidays to one and all from =
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In the first of our two traditional holiday season special programs,
from songs about romance or heartbreak to the whimsical or political,
the music of Kate Reid, Levi Kreis, Jay Brannan, Julie Clark,
Matt Alber, Pansy Division, Coyote Grace, and Bettina Schelker
is proudly featured in the

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REMINDER: There's no "NewsWrap" on this or next week's program.  Our regular international LGBT news segment returns on the "This Way Out" to be distributed on 1/4/10.
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- As always, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender artists provided the "soundtrack" for the ongoing struggle by sexual minorities for equality around the world with an exceptional variety of gender-and-genre-bending music during the past year. And as always, limiting the artists they featured during the year to just a few was no easy task, but JD DOYLE, CHRIS WILSON, and CHRISTOPHER DAVID TRENTHAM share eight of their favorites from the past 12 months in the "AUDIOFILE 2009 YEAR IN REVIEW": excerpts from "Uncharted Territory" and "The Only Dyke at the Open Mic" from KATE REID's "I'M JUST WARMING UP"; "Gonna Be Alright" and "Stained Glass Window" from LEVI KREIS' "WHERE I BELONG"; "Can't Have It All", "Half-Boyfriend", and "Bowlegged & Starving" from JAY BRANNAN's "GODDAMNED"; "Courage of Our Convictions" and "I'd Do 'Em All" from JULIE CLARK's "CHANGE YOUR MIND" (with a "Happy Holidays from 'TWO'" message voiced by CHRISTOPHER GAAL and re-intro at about 13:45 into this segment); "End of the World" and "Walk With Me" from MATT ALBER's "HIDE NOTHING"; "You'll See Them Again" and "Average Men" from PANSY DIVISION's "THAT'S SO GAY"; "Heaven Dog" and "Young & Dumb" from COYOTE GRACE's "EAR TO THE GROUND"; and "Mein Bester Trick" and the title cut from BETTINA SCHELKER's "THE HONEYMOON IS OVER".
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- Promo for next week's "PRIDE ON SCREEN 2009" [voiced by STEVE PRIDE].
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