[OutVoice] More OT Creativity

Zecca Esquibel zecca at erols.com
Mon Apr 6 12:59:57 EDT 2009

My latest short story is now available at a new on-line ezine called 
Wilde Oats.

Since the demise of the beloved Blythe House Quarterly, LGBT writers 
have been limited to ezines that only want porn or erotic/romantic 
"Slash" fiction (from the designation M/M), and writers who want to go 
farther into the LGBT

experience have had nowhere to express themselves. Wilde Oats is 
interested in quality fiction, non-fiction, articles, editorials and 
even reviews, so if you have something to say (re. LGBT music, 
perhaps..?), send them your best.

You can check out my newest story @:


Click on "Fiction" in the menu and "Steam" by J. A. Zecca (I refer to it 
as my "Kafka" story, at least in my dreams...).
I still have three shorts @:


in the current issue ("The Ballad of Wanda Wonder-Wedgie" - a nasty true 
story with a crazed ending) and in the Archives ("Cycles" and "Brian" - 
slash fiction, my "sweaty shorts" LOL).

Hope you like them!

Peace and Love,

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