[OutVoice] Palin's debatable "friendships" + Dance to National Coming Out Day + global LGBT news

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Palin's debatable "friendships" are hometown-tested;
Crank up the volume while you're dancing "out";
Ecuador's new constitution grants new lesbigay rights, Portugal's P.M. poisons couples proposals, Greek, Italian, and Ugandan queers face homophobic prosecutions, "death to gays" proclamations assault Aussies and Canadians, and more global LGBT news

= In "NewsWrap": Voters in Ecuador approve a new constitution that includes lesbigay rights and civil unions for same-gender couples, but Portugal's P.M. nixes such unions there... Athens activists demonstrate their support for Tilos Mayor Anastasios Aliferis, who's on trial for marrying 2 same-gender couples on his small Greek island in June, while a court in Rome orders a trial for 2 men who kissed outside the ancient Coliseum but are being charged with committing lewd public acts, and two LGBT activists in Uganda are detained by police and brutally abused for a week... a former elected official in Australia and a candidate for Parliament in Canada each call for the deaths of gays and lesbians... and more LGBT news from around the world (written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by MICHAEL LEBEAU and JOHN TORRES).

= In the U.S. this week, the headline-making machine belonged to REPUBLICAN VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE SARAH PALIN.  First the Alaska governor drew a low score in another big network news intervie
w – this one with CBS' KATIE COURIC, who asked Palin about her religious views and how they affect her position on LGBT civil rights.  That questionable outing set the stage for Palin's only shot at her Democratic counterpart SENATOR JOE BIDEN in a one-on-one debate, during which each was asked about legal rights for same-gender couples. Palin's repeated contention that "some of her best friends are" raised the curiosity of the HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN [www.hrc.org].  The advocacy organization sent staffmember MICHAEL COLE to WASILLA, ALASKA in search of "out" LGBT people in the governor's hometown – and he found activists JAIME RODRIQUEZ and BRIANNE LYONS, "Pastor, I Am Gay" author REV. HOWARD BESS, DR. MARKIE BLUMER, and an anonymous teacher (with brief segment intro music from "Friends" by BETTE MIDLER).

= "This Way Out" salutes the 20th annual NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY on October 11th with a special mix by BUDDY JOHNSTON of "Coming Out of Hiding" performed by PAMELA STANLEY, and featuring the voices of organizer-entertainer ROBIN TYLER and assassinated San Francisco Supervisor HARVEY MILK. 
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