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Mon Jun 16 04:47:10 EDT 2008

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                              THIS WAY OUT
              the international gay & lesbian radio magazine
                   Program #1,055, distributed 06/16/08
   (hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
 Veteran actor/educator/playwright Charles Nolte proudly reminisces;
 Hollywood's first openly gay star is remembered in a "Rainbow Minute";
 Same-gender Norwegian couples win matrimonial equality, Pride parades
 in Rome, Athens, Warsaw, Seoul, and West Hollywood, gays are busted in
 Gambia and Uganda, more queer voices join the UN, and other LGBT news;
 plus Canadian pop/dance duo Sugarbeach sings about "Living Out Proud".

* In "NewsWrap": Norway becomes the sixth country in the world to extend 
marriage equality to same-gender couples;   LGBT people and their supporters 
celebrate Pride in Rome, Athens, Warsaw, West Hollywood, and Seoul, while 
Budapest's police chief rescinds a ban he'd issued on that city's July 5th Pride 
march... two gay Spanish tourists arrested in Gambia for propositioning male taxi 
drivers are released after five days behind bars, while three activists arrested 
for protesting anti-gay discrimination at an HIV/AIDS conference in Uganda 
face a court hearing in the coming week, and a Turkish court orders the closure 
of Lambda Istanbul for "deficiencies" in the LGBT advocacy group's bylaws... 
Dutch and Spanish LGBT groups gain non-governmental organization consultative 
status at the United Nations... and more LGBT news from around the world 
(written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by CHRIS WILSON and PAM MARSHALL).

"RAINBOW MINUTE"   (produced by JUDD PROCTOR and BRIAN BURNS at WRIR-FM/Richmond, 
Virginia and read by GARTH ELLIS).

* When veteran actor/director/playwright CHARLES NOLTE made his Broadway 
debut in 1947, even the theater's most blatantly homosexual material went largely 
unacknowledged.  The world is at a decidedly different stage now, and Nolte 
finds no need to mince words about the plays and the people that have populated 
his celebrated career.   Not that he's by any means retired from the boards.  
Nolte recently starred in the world premier in Minneapolis, Minnesota of the 
two-act drama "Exit Strategy," in which an elderly gay thespian and his friend 
face the closure of their hotel residence.   He compares stages past and 
present with "This Way Out" correspondents JOHN TOWNSEND and DIXIE TREICHEL [from 
"Fresh Fruit"/Minneapolis-St. Paul's KFAI-FM].
                            = quick segue to: =
* "LIVING OUT PROUD", the official theme song of this year's Pride 
festivities in Vancouver, B.C., performed by Canadian lesbian pop/dance duo SUGARBEACH 
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