[OutVoice] A 30-year flashback asks if history will repeat in California's upcoming equality vote+LGBT news

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                   Program #1,054, distributed 06/09/08
   (hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
       Will history repeat in California's upcoming equality vote?

 A Greek mayor finds a legal loophole for same-gender marriages, Aussie
 Liberals roadblock Labor's partnership reforms, conservatives buck New
York recognition of legal lesbigay couples, Moscow activists play Pride
     and seek with police, hate-inciting homophobes in Louisiana and
             Alberta pay the price, and more global LGBT news

* In "NewsWrap": On a small Greek island, Mayor Tasos Aliferis of the tiny 
tourist town of Tilos faces five years behind bars for breach of duty for 
officiating at the country's first same-gender civil marriages, while a gay couple 
who've been together for 25 years becomes the first to register their 
partnership in the Australian Capital Territory, but the Opposition Liberal Party 
stifles legislation to reform Australian federal laws that financially discriminate 
against same-gender partners... the California Supreme Court rejects a 
rightwing appeal to stay their landmark marriage equality ruling, but an initiative 
to nullify it and constitutionally ban same-gender marriage qualifies for the 
November ballot, and state officials say gay and lesbian couples can begin 
marrying any time after 5:00 p.m. on June 16th... a self-identified Christian 
legal group files a lawsuit to block the directive issued by Governor David 
Paterson that New York state recognize legal same-gender marriages performed 
elsewhere... Moscow activists bamboozle police and successfully stage two 
unauthorized Pride actions, while thousands celebrate Pride at Tel Aviv's 10th annual 
parade... the Wisconsin Supreme Court awards $87,000 in legal fees to a state 
LGBT rights group that was "frivolously" sued by a homophobic Louisiana preacher 
for defamation, and the Alberta Human Rights Commission fines a rightwing 
Christian group $5,000 for inciting hatred against lesbians and gay men and 
orders it to issue a written apology... and other LGBT news from around the world 
(written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by PAM MARSHALL and CHRIS 

* As expected, an initiative to constitutionally ban same-gender marriage 
qualified this week for the November 2008 CALIFORNIA ballot.   And perhaps as 
fate would have it, this November will mark the 30th anniversary of another 
infamous vote in the Golden State to deny equality to gays and lesbians.   On the 
heels of 1977's successful Anita Bryant-led "Save Our Children" campaign to 
repeal a lesbigay anti-discrimination ordinance in Miami-Dade County, Florida, 
voters in 1978 followed suit in ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, WICHITA, KANSAS, and 
EUGENE, OREGON.   But the tide turned with a referendum in California, led by 
rightwing Republican gubernatorial hopeful John Briggs, to ban lesbians and gay men 
from teaching in the state's public schools.   We review the political 
landscape 30 years ago, looking for possible parallels to the continuing struggle for 
equality today (with music by ANITA BRYANT, BLACKBERRI, PETER YARROW, HOLLY 
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