[OutVoice] Mountman's Musical Montage for 7-27-08

mountman at rainbowworldradio.com mountman at rainbowworldradio.com
Sun Jul 27 11:10:30 EDT 2008

Hi All!,

    Here is my playlist for 7-27-08. Just go to http://www.rainbowworldradio.com and click on Mountman's Musical Montage!

Be sure to tell all you family, friends, and fans to stop by and give a listen! Thanks for sharing your talents! 



Featured Artist
OK Guys here's our chance to make a difference. Let's all help Scott Free's song "Free" get on LOGO's top ten Click List. You can go here to see the video and vote for it! I have included it in this weeks playlist! 

Scott Free - http://www.stonewallsociety.com/GLBTArtists/scottfreewingent.htm


Happy Birthday to all the artists!

Christian Andréason  - The Rhythm Of Life - http://www.allaboutchristian.com/

Phil Dutra - hifi - http://www.stonewallsociety.com/GLBTArtists/phildutrawingent.htm

Robin Greenspan - Gardener Of Eden - http://www.stonewallsociety.com/GLBTArtists/robingreenspanwingent.htm

Kevin Cahoon - doll - http://www.kevincahoon.com/


Rachael Sage - Chandelier - http://www.rachaelsage.com/

The Kinsey Sicks - I Wanna Be a Republican - http://www.kinseysicks.com/

Jeffrey Wilgus - SIGNATURE - http://www.stonewallsociety.com/GLBTArtists/jeffreywilguswingent.htm

Jeremy Gloff - Romantico - http://www.jeremygloff.com/

Jacqui Naylor - Shelter - http://www.jacquinaylor.com/

Dan Manjovi - Dan Manjovi - http://www.stonewallsociety.com/GLBTArtists/danmanjoviwingent.htm

Julian Yeo - Unusual Passage - http://www.julianyeo.com/

KeyDragon - Dragon Prophecy - http://www.keydragon.com/

Le Sorelle Marinetti - Non Ce Ne Importa Niente - http://www.myspace.com/sorellemarinetti

Kris Landherr - Will Rassel For Food - http://www.krislandherr.com/ 

RobynE - Out of Blue - http://www.stonewallsociety.com/GLBTArtists/robynewingent.htm


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