[OutVoice] Kate Clinton goes Cheney hunting + "Beyond Marriage" + global LGBT news

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                          THIS WAY OUT

             the international gay & lesbian radio magazine

                 Program #1,060, distributed 07/21/08

  (hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)

 A feminist law professor goes "Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage";

           Lesbian humorist Kate Clinton goes Cheney hunting;

    Dubai and Kuwait crack down on "girlie boys," the Senate shelves

Anerica’s HIV border barrier, marriage laws make news in 3 U.S. states,

 Methodist ministers risk rebuke for renegade weddings, a gay Italian

motorist successfully sues over his "disability" license, and more news

* In  "NewsWrap":  Police in Dubai arrest up to 40 men in a crackdown
on cross-dressers, while Kuwait’s campaign against "girlie boys"
continues... the 
Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe wants
to go beyond anti-bias employment protections, while the U.S. Senate
votes to repeal the decades-old law banning visitors or immigrants with
HIV... the California Supreme Court rejects a challenge to the legality
of the November ballot initiative to constitutionally ban same-gender
marriage, but a new poll suggests it will be defeated... United
Methodist ministers in the Golden State are defying their Church’s
policy against marrying same-gender couples... lesbigay Wisconsin
couples who wed in California face jail time back home, while the
Massachusetts Senate votes to repeal a 1913 law barring out-of-state
same-gender couples from marrying there... a gay motorist wins a
lawsuit against the Italian government for labeling him "disabled"...
and more LGBT news from around the world  (written by GREG GORDON, and
reported this week by JON BEAUPRE and ERICA SPRINGER).

* Does the right to marry solve all the problems of U.S. same-gender
couples and other non-traditional families?  Feminist law professor
NANCY POLIKOFF says "absolutely not" in her book "BEYOND (STRAIGHT AND
Polikoff discusses her critique of marriage, and what the alternatives
might be – including CANADA’s solutions - with "This Way Out"
correspondent JOSY CATOGGIO.

*  When lesbian feminist humorist KATE CLINTON brought her "CLIMATE
CHANGE" tour to Alexandria, Virginia last November, she served up some
choice words for=2
0members of the outgoing Bush Administration in what
she calls a "Buckshot Lunch" – despite her attempt at an "attitude"
change [www.kateclinton.com].


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