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Thu Jul 10 22:35:26 EDT 2008

Dear  friends and colleagues: 
Singer/songwriter  Janell Rock passed away in at 9:40  p.m. July  8, 2008  in 
San Diego with her family and friends by her side.  
I  met Janell at the 2004 OutMusic Awards at the Knitting Factory in New  
York.  She was nominated for “Quiet Thrill” in the Outstanding New Recording 
Debut  Female category and performed her song “Gertrude and Steins.” While we 
were  backstage, I remember she expressed she was in pain, however, had put her  
discomfort aside to enjoy her moments on stage at the awards ceremony. Her  
performance was wonderful and engaging. 
Since  then we kept in contact I was kept in touch during her fight with 
cancer. My  friendship with Janell enriched my life and touched my heart with her 
songs and  beautiful spirit.   
Please  light a candle, say a prayer or just think of her. The music 
community has lost  a memorable and brave artist. Her legacy can be found at 
_www.janellrock.com_ (http://www.janellrock.com/) .  
There  will be a celebration of her life in San  Diego  and in Seattle  soon. 
For more information visit _http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/janellrock_ 
(http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/janellrock) .   
Jade  Esteban Estrada 

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