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Len Rogers SWS len at stonewallsociety.com
Tue Jul 8 10:19:10 EDT 2008

First of all, I realize this is off topic. However, during the last two Presidential elections I had many, way too many, GLBTI friends who did not vote as they believed that there was no way Bush would be elected. As I have shared many times at events and in writing. I had a friend in Florida who owned a GLBT Bar who offered a free drink to anyone who would show a valid voter registration card. The sad part, she never had the opportunity to come through on this offer as no one ever showed a valid registration card. If we want equality we have to at least vote. 
The link below shows how well John McCain respects free speech. The more he says he is unlike Bush the more he becomes McBush. Please post this link widely and share with as many as you can. The clip shows a 61 year old librarian being ejected, ticketed, and threatened with arrest for carrying a sign which said, "McCain=Bush" at a McCain event. As the lady asks herself, "Why would a republican be offended by her sign?" This is an infringement on free speech. Just another example of McBush! Of course McCain's endorsement of the amendment against same sex marriage in California is a close example too. But this man like Bush will do harm to all. I do not support attacking a veteran on record, but if McCain can so easily dismiss free speech, why did he serve? See the clip below and please share!!! And definitely register and vote! We cannot let the blunder continue. The right-wingers are organizing, we need to as well. 


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