[OutVoice] Mountman's Playlist for Montage 7-6-08

mountman at rainbowworldradio.com mountman at rainbowworldradio.com
Sun Jul 6 13:53:13 EDT 2008

Hi All!,

    Here is my playlist for 7-6-08. Just go to http://www.rainbowworldradio.com and click on Mountman's Musical Montage!

Be sure to tell all you family, friends, and fans to stop by and give a listen! Thanks for sharing your talents! 



Featured Artist
Christopher Clarke - http://www.stonewallsociety.com/GLBTArtists/christopherclarkeunknownsurrendercdrvw.htm


Happy Birthday to all the artists!

D.C. Anderson - Ballad - http://www.dcanderson.net/

Ron Romanovsky - Hopeful Romantic - http://www.romanovskyandphillips.com/

Dave Montana - Such Things Remixed - http://www.storyboxmusic.com/

Bylli Crayone - Single - http://www.myspace.com/byllicrayone

Josh Duffy - Artificial - http://www.joshduffyonline.com/


RobynE - Out of Blue - http://www.stonewallsociety.com/GLBTArtists/robynewingent.htm

Carlyn Hutchins - Lust, Love, Lost - http://www.carlynhutchins.com/

Clay Callaway - Darn It, Baby, That's Love! - http://www.claycallaway.com/

Daphne Rubin Vega - Redemption Songs - DRV II - http://www.daphnerubin-vega.com/

Gregory Douglass - Stark - http://www.gregorydouglass.com/

Thomas Raniszewski - a Midnight at a Time - http://www.stonewallsociety.com/GLBTArtists/thomasraniszewskiwingent.htm

Jeremy Blue - Embracing This - http://www.jeremyblue.com/

Steven Gellman - Return To Summer Lake - http://www.hiddenpoet.com/

Cris Williamson - Real Deal - http://www.criswilliamson.com/

Dave Hall - Places - http://www.rowhousemusic.com/

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