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Dear Len, hope you're feeling well. As usual your observations  are excellent 
and well taken. Thank you for circulating. Sandy Rapp
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Sorry  for the off topic but I think this needs to be widely  spread.

Hope everyone is enjoying a happy and safe fourth of  July. I wanted to share 
some experiences I have encountered over the last  couple of days. It might 
be old news so my apologies if so. I find it  interesting that this return to 
Bush campaign tactics appears just as McSame  brings Rove campers onboard. This 
exact tactic was used in both the 2000 and  2004 elections. The goal is 
pretty obvious to create confusion, incite  arguments, and split those supporting 
Obama. In several chat rooms and on  several messages boards I have seen 
"posers" who are very sneakily pushing  McSame and attacking Obama. We probably will 
see the same in here. These  "posers" are initially presenting themselves as 
confused voters or moderates.  After drawing in some debate the tone changes 
and the Obama bashing starts.  And I do mean in the lowest ways. Some clues to 
identify, and some are pretty  obvious. 
1. Most have referred to Obama as B. Hussein Obama.
2.  Frequently list home as someplace outside of the U.S. or known liberal 
areas  in the United States.
3. Initiate conversations by seeming confused about  Obama and American 
4. Statements like, "B. Hussein Obama has some  interesting views, but do you 
really think the United States is ready to elect  a black man? If you vote 
for him aren't you wasting your vote?" is a common  start to the bashing.
5. Mis-quotes abound as do twisting of Obama policies  and statements. As an 
example, "I see the B. Hussein Obama is now on the side  of McCain on Iraq and 
B. Hussein Obama is refining his position on Iraq." and  "I got he feeling 
that B. Hussein Obama hates Israel, why so?"
I think you  see how it comes together. The most common is the way these 
posers use Obama's  name. I saw several in these chats and message boards get 
drawn in thus  becoming confused and question their own vote. If you see this, 
report as a  fraudulent to the appropriate server/site. And by all means jump in 
and help.  So far each time I have called the posers on being repubs trying to 
influence  the vote the offending poser exits quickly. Usually with a "Vote 
McCain" exit  statement. However, don't play their game by entering into the 
argument  directly with them. But do support the legitimate confused voter with 
some  positive statements on voting, Obama support, and needed clarification. 
Once  you see the posers, call them out. This is happening in social chats,  
political chats, religious chats, and education directed chats. The same with  
message boards. This was an effective tactic by the repubs in split areas  
during the 2000 and 2004 elections. Just wanted to share the experience. The  
dirt is starting again.
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