[OutVoice] Oklahoma City, OK: "St. Louis Playwright Returns To OKC This Weekend With Mini-Musical"

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St. Louis playwright returns to OKC this weekend with mini-musical

POSTED: Wednesday, Mar 21, 10:12 PM

by John Roberts
Staff Writer
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St. Louis playwright Jerry Rabushka has developed quite a relationship with Oklahoma City audiences. He has written, directed and starred in two productions at the IAO gallery in the past few months. Most recently his play "Gay Christian, Gay Muslim, Gay Jew" garnered good reviews with Jade Esteban Estrada in the title roles. 

Rabushka returns to Oklahoma City this weekend for the metro premier of his latest work “Woof” a mini-musical about pancakes, dogs and getting some. Showtimes are set for 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday at the IAO Gallery in Automobile Alley. Tickets are $10 and $5 for students. 

“This musical really is a series of vignettes about a couple of guys who are putting on a gay play. It is a play within a play,” said Rabushka. “I play a character named John who has the hots for the other guy in the play. The story follows the two of us as we try to perform the show and my character continuously tries to get the other guy into bed.” 

Rabushka, who co-stars with Zach Jett, said that the play is taken from elements in his own life as well as his experiences as a playwright. 

“Work-shopping theater is where everyone gets to make comments about a new play and I totally hate that part of the process,” he said. “So I made a lot of the jokes in the story about how people keep changing this play so every time the actors have to perform they are never sure what the script is going to look like.” 

“Woof” is a vaudevillian style musical with five original songs and plenty of adult humor. 

“There is a lot of talking to the audience and a whole bunch of silly jokes,” Rabushka said. “There is some adult content, which is always fun and of course you can do that with two people better than with one.” 

Rabushka has performed the play in St. Louis and Tulsa and plans to take the production to Cincinnati later this spring. 

“If you want to see a cute guy in a Speedo this is the play for you. There is also a little making out plus I think a lot of the themes in the play people can identify with. This play doesn’t take itself too seriously,” he said. 

The author of more than 100 plays and musical Rabushka says that his favorite material has always been gay. 

“Writing gay material really is where my heart is. I think there isn’t a lot of gay theater out there so just doing it is a political statement. I think that is important no matter what you are doing on stage,” he said. 

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