[OutVoice] Sandy Rapp for Pride In The Arts 2006

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Bravo Sandy! Kudos to you and Sun!
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  >From _SandyRapp.com_ (http://sandyrapp.com/) 
  Well, it's shameless self-promotion, but Len of StoneWall  Society Pride in 
  the Arts is encouraging it; and Bell is doing it, so what the  hey. I recently 
  turned 60 and I had a banner season last year, so I'd like you  to nominate me 
  for either Musical Artist of the Year 2006-2007 or for  Lifetime Achievement 
  in Music Award 2006-2007. Nominations are at:
  Some will recall my "Everyone Was At Stonewall" won StoneWall  Society's 2004 
  Pride Song of the Year; and more of my general Bio is at  SandyRapp.com. As 
  for 2006, I lobbied, wrote political articles for gay  magazines, sang as an 
  Outmusic Award nominee in Manhattan's Crash Mansion,  performed as a singing 
  Grand Marshall of Long Island Pride Parade, and played a  SAGE Benefit at 
  Manhattan's GLBT Center.
  In July, at National NOW's Fortieth Anniversary Conference, I  lead all the 
  NOW leaders, past and present, in  "Marchin' With Molly  Yard" and "Remember 
  Rose: A Song for Choice." In August I received a LIP  Award for best song from 
  Lipstick TV and New Horizons at the Toast Lounge,  Somerville, MA and performed 
  at NYU Law School my new tribute song  "Rise Up Ye Women," which was released 
  on my 2006 CD  Salute to the Veteran Feminists:  
  _http://www.myspace.com/sandyrapp_ (http://www.myspace.com/sandyrapp) . The song was  eventually written 
  up in The New Yorker - 11/13/06; and I received  some excellent CD reviews and 
  a nice blurb in ASCAP's Playback - Summer  Issue. I also played the NOW-NY 
  State Convention, introducing a  nationally-acclaimed reproductive rights pioneer 
  with my  "Ballad Of  Billy Baird." So many thanks to any and all who nominate 
  Sandy  Rapp at

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