[OutVoice] ..too stupid to speak more than one language, and other notes from Austin

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Sat May 27 22:15:20 EDT 2006

Dear Outsters--
Well, what can I say--"national language?" How about a special QueerWaves  
salute to America's national language that celebrates the many languages of  
Queer..Here's what you'd have heard if you tuned in to 91.7fm KOOP Austin Texas  
around 3pm Saturday, or if you had your browser linked to the webcast at 
_http://www.koop.org_ (http://www.koop.org)  instead..
MELISSA ETHERIDGE/"Refugee"/Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled
EL VEZ/"En El Barrio"/Fun in Espanol
ERIKA LUCKETT/"Sol Volvera"/Unexpected
MARK WEIGLE/"Panuelos Blancos Los Jueves"/Soul Sex: Wrestling the  Angel
JOHN RAYMOND POLLARD/"Tango De Los Desparecidos"/Map of the Americas/Linhas  
da Mao
THE ISLE OF KLEZBOS/"Klezmerengue"/Greetings from the Isle of Klezbos
THE KLEZMATICS/"Man In A Hat"/Jews with Horns
PHRANC/"Tzena Tzena"/Milkman
NORINE BRAUN/"J'en Suis Desolee"/Now & Then
RUFUS WAINWRIGHT/"Complainte De La Butte"/Moulin Rouge:Music from Baz  
Luhrmann's Film
CHAVELA VARGAS/"Paloma Negra"/Frida: Music from the Motion Picture
(Blues for Cliffy..from another Port Arthur native..)
JANIS JOPLIN/"Get It While You Can"/Greatest Hits
Love, Taylor
"QueerWaves"--Taylor Cage, host and producer
A showcase for glbt  and just plain queer musicians and their music
On Saturdays, 3pm to 4pm  Central Time
91.7fm KOOP Austin TX
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