[OutVoice] Journey of a Wordsmith update -Terry Christopher

Terry Christopher enterrytainer at yahoo.com
Tue May 16 11:08:07 EDT 2006

  Journey of a Wordsmith update
  The new CD is finally done! It's been quite a haul as I KNOW you can all understand & appreciate! It's been quite the writing process starting here in the states, continuing on while I was on tour in Europe and South America and then back here in the U.S. I know mixing/mastering has been a recent hot topic amongst other Outmusicians going into the finals stages of the process. The info exchange has been helpful as always and that process was VERY tedious, but we have a rockin' album. And of course still so much to do before this sucker is released.
  Aaron Carl is dazzling the dance floor vibe with his amazing re-mixes which will be featured on 4 bonus tracks. I have leaked a couple of the songs here and there (not the remixes) and the feedback has been SUPER! I have grown since Take Another Look in many ways and I have to thank many of you for your kind support in the past, coming to gigs, great feedback at Open Mics etc...There are definitely pieces of those experiences in my music on all levels.
  On a more personal note...I have received many nice B-day wishes today and ESPECIALLY want give a shout out to Ron Waite who takes the time to acknowledge each of us in our GLBT community with a B-day announcement. You ROCK!
  Keep on Keepin' on my Brothers in Arms & Sister Soldiers!
  -Terry Christopher

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