[OutVoice] Christian Andréason now on Miss Money's SUPER FUN Radio Show, "Radio 713"

WonderBoyRecords at aol.com WonderBoyRecords at aol.com
Tue May 9 12:07:39 EDT 2006

_Click here: Radio  713_ (http://www.radio713.com/main.htm)   

Hey folks ... (now get this) I did a hip hop radio show!  Yes!!!  That's 
right!!  Christian Andréason was on a real to life 'OUT'  HIP HOP radio show last 
week!!!  And this show is getting so big  that Snoop Dogg's Mom was just on 
not too long ago!  How is that for  progress? 
Anyway, my interview (which ended up being pretty  extensive) starts at about 
37 minutes into the show ... and when I  roll you will hear Miss Money and I 
start talking (and doing  a whole lot of laughing) about my odd ball ministry, 
Loving God  & being openly gay, going to clubs for the first time, coming 
out,  stupid mean people, hurting people, doing the music I do, my recent  Out 
Music Award nominations, recording the Rhythm of Life  with Grammy winning JHP 
productions, my NDE ... and so on.  
Long story short ... the show was A WHOLE LOT OF FUN  and we had a total 
"Radio 713" plays a few songs during my part of  the program, (so stay tuned) 
cause after the music we come  back in at around 57 minutes ... talk some 
more, and then close the show  with my song, "The Rhythm of Life Pt. 2."  
Just so you know ... Miss Money, (who is a fantastic DJ, Producer  & 
Inspirational Recording Artist) just got an _OMA_ 
(http://outmusic.com/oma2006/index.html)  nod  herself!  And if you have never heard of her or her  innovative 
show ... I know you are gonna end up becoming a big FAN,  and LOVING her as much 
as I now do!  I am serious!!!  I LOVE  THIS WOMAN!!!  She is a wonderful 
So, just hit this link _Radio  713_ (http://www.radio713.com/main.htm)   
(which will only be live for under 2  weeks) 
and get ready... This girl and I had church in a big way!  LOL!
Big, Big Love and Super Sonic Hugs to ALL!

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