[OutVoice] ..Saturday on "QueerWaves"--I mean, "GayTX Live"..

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Fri Jun 23 13:47:26 EDT 2006

Dear Outsters--
  As part of KOOP's Stonewall Weekend, Andrew of "ATX Live" and I join 
forces and timeslots to present "GayTX Live." The 3 o'clock hour we'll 
have members of the Darling New Neighbors in studio and a chat with 
Christopher Dallman, who'll be playing Becks for THREE NIGHTS next 
week..around 4pm we'll add the Tuna Helpers and Assacre into the 
mix..oh MY!
  So tune in to 91.7 KOOP Austin tomorrow at 3pm Central--or link up to 
the webcast at http://www.koop.org for the live stream--or why not 
check out the whole schedule for KOOP's Stonewall Weekend at 
www.koop.org and give a listen to us all day and Sunday?
 Love, Taylor

 Taylor Cage, host and producer
 Saturdays, 3pm to 4pm Central Time
 91.7fm KOOP Austin TX
 Studio line: 1-888-917-KOOP
 Links to live webstream,playlists, and more
 @ http://www.koop.org

 Please send promotional material for "QueerWaves"
 to the following address:
 Taylor Cage
 2819 Foster Lane, F122
 Austin TX 78757
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