[OutVoice] The Good, the not so good, and more good!

Len len at stonewallsociety.com
Fri Jun 23 13:36:19 EDT 2006

Happy Pride OutVoice! 

     Many thanks to those who have emailed asking about the status of the OutVoice website. Obviously an update is needed, and forthcoming. We do have the chart numbers for March, April, and May. An unexpected move, family death, and of course the Pride In The Arts Festival have all had a hand in a dire lack of time. 

     However, one of our most pressing problems was great news in odd clothing. Our monthly votes have been climbing. February fan vote count was at 172 people voted. Prior 155 was an average. That has all changed. Thanks to the promotion at Out Of The Closet TV and exposure via the promotion of the Pride In The Arts Festival the monthly vote count numbers have doubled! Great news! 

     Since taking over OutVoice a program to count and record votes was one of our priorities. As we have been hand counting, yep hand counting. With the number of voting fans a hand count is really not a time effective or to be honest possible feat. So the programs are being evaluated and results tabulated. Finally! 

    On Wednesday June 28 we will start posting these charts. The June chart will post as it should on the second Monday in July. So far already we have received 341 votes for the June chart! My thanks for your patience and continued votes! Congratulations to the artists, it is your fans who drive this chart! 

    As you might expect, lots of familiar names in the votes. However, there are many new faces and names being brought into the OutVoice chart. The new voter/fans are bringing new music with them. So a brief stall is past. And once again my thanks for your continued support! 


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