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For Immediate Release

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Singer Songwriter LEVI KREIS Unabashedly Confronts Biblical Principles In New 
"The Gospel According To Levi"

There is absolutely no holding back now.   Pop artist and brilliant stage 
performer LEVI KREIS has a lot on his mind.   His career highlights include 
touring in the national cast of RENT as Roger, being featured on Donald Trump's The 
Apprentice and conquering much of the country last year with his debut record 
"One Of The Ones."   Now, LEVI KREIS' sophomore album "The Gospel According 
To Levi" presents itself to the world on Tuesday, January 30th, 2007.   Judging 
by the title and Levi's history as Christian preacher turn openly gay singer 
songwriter, this album promises to shock but more importantly, open minds. 

In a country where 85% of its citizens profess to live by the code of 
Christianity, where government politics are fueled by religious ideology, where most 
parents encourage and enforce Biblical principles in the home, a voice 
challenging such a prominent institution oftentimes goes unheard. But what if 
that voice was one of there own?   Could the suggestion of religious 
tolerance be effectively conveyed if it were spoken in a language the church could 
understand?   After going through 6 years of reparative therapy to become 
straight, after being dismissed from his Baptist college, and after losing a record 
deal with a major Christian label, Levi Kreis is determined to be a voice of 
tolerance for an institution that is scarcely known for it’s acceptance of 
beliefs outside of their own.

Levi’s ability to craft a contagious hook may have seized the attention of 
industry moguls such as Ron Fair, Jason Flom, Desmond Child, David Foster and 
Monte Lipman but his unabashed lyrical honesty is what makes the whole world 
stop and listen. His new CD, “The Gospel According To Levi”, has him utilizing 
that self-expression more than ever convincing any listener to re-evaluate the 
world around us. 

The CD opens with a Scott Joplin style stride piano as a playful vehicle for 
a very serious, if not dark, lyric.   
“The Reckoning” doesn’t stop at making light of the shortcomings of music 
industry moguls, but continues onward to challenge religious authorities who’ve 
made the church a place where we learn to hate ourselves.    

“Bittersweet Salvation” works along the same lines with lyrics like:  “You 
told me nothing good would I find inside/You told me of redemption for such a 
worm as I/I through myself upon the body of your Christ/Abhorring all I was and 
all I felt inside.”   The chorus is a clear denunciation of organized 
religion.  “Reach out to me/Somebody tell me where love is hiding/I now believe that 
there’s no truth in this Bittersweet Salvation.”

“In The Name Of God” brings things from personal to global sighting many 
historic moments where oppression has occurred in God’s name.   Kreis writes:  “
I forbid you to marry other races/Won’t allow you to marry same sexes/And I 
believe a woman doesn’t have the right to vote/The Bible says so/And I’ll fight 
for the right to have slave hands/The priesthood was never meant for the 
black man/You want equality but you defile His name/ So I take it away in the Name 
of God.”

This body of work is not without its effective offerings of hope.  “Futurelove
” is a funky “Car Wash”-type groove urging us to expand upon our beliefs to 
embrace others who may adhere to a different faith.   

“We’re Okay” would fit effortlessly in any teen-angst one-hour drama as it’
s a song for Kreis’mother expressing his commitment to talk out their 

The CD even ends with a couple of hymns; one penned by Kreis himself.   The 
last track is the old hymn “It Is Well With My Soul” suggesting that with all 
the confrontational speak, there is an unavoidable fondness Kreis still has 
for his religious roots. 

Levi is ready to take his career to the next level.   Already, Levi has had 
song placements on "Days Of Our Lives" and "The Young And The Restless" and has 
shared the stage with Quincy Jones, Herbie 
Hancock, Snoop Dog and Collective Soul.   He opened for Cyndi Lauper at 
Wrigley Field during the closing ceremonies of Gay Games Chicago in 06 during a 
national tour sponsored by Gay.com.   Levi also played Matthew McConaughey's 
brother in Liongate's 2001 film "Frailty."   Check out www.levikreis.com for more 

Watch out for Levi's song "I Should Go" on Music With A Twist Revolutions 
Compilation coming February 27th, 2007.

Levi Kreis would love to talk to your publication about his new album and 
play at your venue as part of his upcoming tour.

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