[OutVoice] "3 Needles" pierces the global AIDS crisis+a Janis Ian ditty+GLBT news

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Mon Dec 4 04:57:29 EST 2006

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                            THIS WAY OUT
                 the international gay & lesbian radio magazine
                      Program #975 - the week of 12/04/06
        (hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
   "3 Needles" offers a piercing look at the worldwide AIDS epidemic;
    Janis Ian sings about being "Married in London" - and elsewhere;
 "Rainbow Minutes" profile an Italian genius and a world-famous writer;
    South Africa's first gay newlyweds beat bureaucracy to the altar,
  Israel's top court affirms marriage portability, a Latvian homophobe
 becomes the country's human rights leader, and other global GLBT news

* In "NewsWrap" - Vernon and Tony Halls-Gibbs become South Africa's first 
legally-united queer couple a day after the historic Civil Union Act is signed 
into law, but a resistant bureaucracy and other complications will likely delay 
similar ceremonies until the new year... Israel's High Court of Justice rules 
that lesbian and gay couples who marry in places where it's legal must be 
considered legally married there... a Moscow appeals court upholds a lower court 
ruling that the city acted legally to ban an LGBT Pride parade earlier this 
year... Latvia's parliament elects notorious homophobe Janis Smits as chair of 
its Human Rights Committee... pop star Sir Elton John has two less-than-gentle 
words for Aussie PM John Howard about his government's opposition to legal 
recognition of same-gender couples... and other GLBT news from around the world 
(written by GREG GORDON and reported this week by JON BEAUPRE and TANYA 

* "Married in London," a witty ditty written and performed by JANIS IAN 

* "Rainbow Minute: LEONARDO DA VINCI, RENAISSANCE MAN" (produced by JUDD 
PROTCTOR & BRIAN BURNS at WRIR in Richmond, Virginia and read by TOM MILLER).

* December 1st marked yet another World AIDS Day in the 25th year since the 
disease was first identified.  "3 NEEDLES," the latest film from "out" Canadian 
gay writer/director THOM FITZGERALD, dramatizes three different facets of the 
global AIDS crisis: in Montreal, a porn actor schemes to pass his mandatory 
HIV blood test; a young nun makes a personal sacrifice for the benefit of a 
South African village; and a black market operative in rural China posing as a 
government-sanctioned bloodmobile driver jeopardizes an entire village's safety. 
 This Way Out's STEVE PRIDE sat down with Fitzgerald (whose previous credits 
include "The Event," "Beefcake," and "The Hanging Garden") to talk about his 
remarkable motion picture (from Wolfe Releasing) and the continuing challenges 
of this worldwide pandemic (with preview clips and music from the film, and 
outro music from "The Motion" written and performed by RICK KURCK) 
[www.3-needles.com;  www.PrideOnScreen.com].


* Promo for the "Audiofile 2006 Year in Review" special program for the week 
of December 25th.
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