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Mon Aug 28 08:14:52 EDT 2006

Hi Outvoicers-
Tim Cain of the band, Boys' Entrance here. It has been a long time since B.E. 
have released any new material, but to celebrate my 30th year as an Out 
musician, a milestone recognised last year with a Special Recognition OMA Award- 
I am in the process of recording three new cds. One is the first all original, new Boys' 
Entrance songs since,1998's, "The Queer Punk Folder". 

The second is a response to the requests of many fans who "love" our instrumentals. It is a compillation of old and new instrumentals by Boys' Entrance.

Finally, we are also going to relase our version of the Bowie, "Pin Ups" album- a collection of queer covers: "Lola" by the Kinks, "Dude Looks Like A Lady" by Aerosmith, "Queen Bitch" by Bowie, "Fem In A Black Leather Jacket" by Pansy Division, and much, much more. Lots o' Fun!!!

We are recording with producer, Timmy Samuel of The Nancys. Timmy played drums on "The Queer Punk Folder", recorded, "Flash" and "Jon-Henri Damski (Queer Thinker, Queer Thoughts)", and even directed the video for that release too! (JHD will be released on the new BE originals cd and the video will finally be released, as well.)
He has been a terrific friend and collaborator of Boys' Entrance and we thank him.

For those of you who are unfamilliar with Boys' Entrance's "Enoesque, Synth/Glam, Homocore" blend of styles, cds are available through CD Baby, and are available through downloads from 50+ services on the net like:  iTunes, Rhapsody, Musicmatch, etc.

You B.E. You!
Tim Cain 

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