[OutVoice] Gay Aussie Justice judges progress+the personal is musical in the "Audiofile"

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Mon Aug 28 05:44:07 EDT 2006

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                          THIS WAY OUT
               the international gay & lesbian radio magazine
                    Program #961 - the week of 8/28/06
         (hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
    Michael Kirby, Australia's gayest Justice, judges movement progress;
   South Africa's parliament considers the High Court's marriage proposal,
     Nigeria's House plans to "hear" about the world's worst anti-queer
legislation, Nepalese activists demand a voice in the rights charter, pride
 and couples progress are celebrated in Sweden and Iceland, and more news;
        and the personal becomes musical in this month's "Audiofile"

* In "NewsWrap": Introduction of marriage equality legislation is imminent in 
South Africa's parliament per the ruling of the Constitutional Court to 
eliminate discrimination against lesbian and gay couples by December 1st of this 
year... Nigeria's House of Representatives plans public hearings on what 
international rights groups describe as the most oppressive anti-lesbigay legislation 
on the planet, while  queer activists in Uganda condemn the publication of 
alleged homosexuals in the "Red Pepper" tabloid newspaper... what may be Nepal's 
first public gay wedding is held in Kathmandu as queer activists in the 
Himalayan nation demand representation in upcoming elections and a voice in 
crafting the proposed new charter of rights... Stockholm Pride sets new records as a 
Swedish parliamentary committee urges an upgrade of the nation's "civil 
partnerships" to legal marriage;  about a sixth of Iceland's population take part in 
Reykjavik's two-day Pride festival, while the country's parliament modifies 
laws on registered cohabitation to extend virtually all the rights of marriage 
to same gender couples... and more GLBT news from around the world (written by 

stepping on toes again in the past couple of weeks.  Kirby, who was appointed 
to the Court in 1996, told a group of Sydney law students on August 23rd that 
Australia's jurisprudence was lagging behind the rest of the world because of 
its failure to see domestic law in the context of international law.  In a 
speech to queer activists just days before that, Kirby was critical of the 
homophobic religious right, but also chastised LGBT organizations for not cultivating 
stronger political ties and media presence.  That all-important visibility 
was also on the judge's mind when he spoke at a BRISBANE Pride forum called "A 
Celebration of Achievements."  Publicly gay since 1999, Justice Kirby was 
emphatic about the role of visibility in combating bigotry, but compassionate about 
the personal nature of each individual act of coming out (recorded by "This 
Way Out" correspondent JOHN FRAME).

* Their current work could not be more personal, but the three solo artists 
featured in this month's "AUDIOFILE" are here because they succeed in touching 
something universal (excerpts from "Soft Side" and "Who's Your Angel" from LIZ 
CLARK's "HAND ON THE STOVE"); ("Joy" and the title cut from BRIAN LANE 
GREEN's "WAITING FOR THE GLACIERS TO MELT"); ("Taking Care of Me" and the title cut 
from JOSH ZUCKERMAN's "OUT FROM UNDER") (with comments by each artist, hosted 
by CHRIS WILSON & JD DOYLE, and written & produced with CHRISTOPHER DAVID 
                          = artist contact info =
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