[OutVoice] Film "punk-umentary" "Brothers of the Head"+Dueling Gaymes Wrap-Up

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Mon Aug 21 05:48:43 EDT 2006

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                          THIS WAY OUT
               the international gay & lesbian radio magazine
                    Program #960 - the week of 8/21/06
         (hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
   Cojoined boy band twins are "punk-umented" in "Brothers of the Head";
              Queer athletes compete in dueling global Gaymes;
  Thousands rally for Australian marriage equality, U.S. pension law reform
 opens doors for same gender couples, 20 are nabbed at another alleged Saudi
   "gay wedding," a skinhead attack on Estonian Pride bespeaks contagious
regional homophobia while a soccer mob traps marchers in Turkey, & more news

* In "NewsWrap": Thousands rally across Australia for marriage equality... 
pension law reform in the U.S. includes more parity for same gender couples...  
another reported raid nets 20 "suspects" at a "gay wedding" in Saudi Arabia... 
rabidly anti-queer skinheads attack a once-peaceful annual Pride march in 
Tallinn, Estonia, while a planned march in Bursa, Turkey is thwarted by homoph
obic soccer hooligans... two government Web sites created specifically for gay 
men in China are a flop... and more GLBT news from around the world (written by 
GREG GORDON and reported this week by SHERI LUNN and CHRISTOPHER GAAL).

* Queers and their allies have really been sharing the sweat in recent weeks. 
 Two international LGBT sporting events -- the seventh quadrennial GAY GAMES 
and the inaugural WORLD OUTGAMES -- were held in Chicago and Montréal, 
respectively, in late July and early August.  PAT HOGAN is on the Board of the 
Federation of Gay Games and also competed in Montréal.  She reflected on the 
seemingly-competing global sporting competitions, and looked to the future, during a 
chat with "This Way Out" correspondent HEATHER KITCHING [on CITR's "Queer FM"] 
[www.gaygames.com, www.glisa.org].

directors of "Lost in La Mancha") present their much anticipated debut feature as 
writers/directors.  A faux documentary about a band that never was, "Brothers 
of the Head" is the feverish, mind-bending odyssey of conjoined twins Barry 
and Tom Howe (played by real life twins HARRY and LUKE TREADAWAY) who are 
plucked from obscurity in the 1970's by a music promoter and groomed into a bizarre 
boy band.  Grappling with impossible love, artistic rivalry, and a dark inner 
life, the twins embrace their freakishness and spit it back in the form of 
searing punk rock.  "This Way Out's" STEVE PRIDE chats with collaborative "out" 
couple Fulton and Pepe, and with the film's starring twin Treadaways (with 
music from the film, "2-Way Romeo" and "My Friend," performed by Harry & Luke 
Treadaway as "Barry & Tom Howe") [www.brothersofthehead.com, 
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