[OutVoice] The return of Rainbow World Radio, and more

Len Rogers len at stonewallsociety.com
Tue May 18 17:38:48 EDT 2021

Hi All!
     I know it has been a while since you have heard from me. Not since my retirement. I hope things have been going well for you. Recently I did a brief survey to determine if there was any interest in Rainbow World Radio returning. And happily there is. You see, I loved and miss that portion of the SWS promotion. And with the passing of my husband Chris, I find I have way too much time on my hands. So seems like maybe a solution. So I am happy to announce that Rainbow World Radio will return on May 20, 2021. A new home, some exciting changes, and hopefully showcasing your talents!
There would be some differences. A dot net address for one. https://www.rainbowworldradio.net The original dot com is owned now by a corporate sales related entity. The programs will remain commercial free. Artists and those being interviewed will of course be able to promote events and their art. And spots promoting events may be included. But no stand alone commercials. Any commercial content, if any at all, would be on the website not included in programming. 
     One difference will be with regard to availability. While working with artists in the promotion for 18 years, one thing was constant. I saw huge amounts of glbt talent being forced to 'sit at the kids table' if provided any 'table space' at all.  I see improvements in that area, but not a lot. So Rainbow World Radio will address by opening the table to all. Welcoming a place at our 'table' to those not afraid to be there and those that do not produce hate. RWR will remain a proud GLBT art supporter and promoter. Nothing changes there. We will merely walk the walk of inclusion by opening. So RWR will also be supporting and promoting the Artists of ChrisArts of 62901.
     So yes, I am emailing to ask your permission to include you in my  programs.  I know you had given that consent via the SWS GLBT Artists promotion. This as described above will be a little different, I feel any changes merit your consent to include your art. 
     In addition there will be an annual membership of $12.00. Yep I said $12.00. Quite a few have felt this was low. This will support the website, provide for technology add-ons, and growth. However that can  be waived for anyone responding to this email for the first year. I do this as you are already supporting by sharing your music with me to share with others. RWR radio will feature CD release shows and interviews. 
     OutVoice will become the home for reviews, performance information, and related news for artists participating. RWR will also be supplying outside radio platform venues with programs including music from artist members. Artists that are not currently producing music or inactive may bypass the membership fee as "Resident Artists". Your music may still be played in programs. And those artists may transfer to active at any time. The 'active' status opens all the promotional aspects. 
     I hope that you will join us at Rainbow World Radio dot net. Of course participating artists will be listed on OutVoice and at the SWS GLBT Artists Promotion. Artists may choose listings at SWS and ChrisArts of 62901. ChrisArts is a venue promoting art, and Carbondale, Il. ChrisArts of 62901 is dedicated to and named in honor of  my late husband, Chris Thomas. Chris loved all art and supported me in my efforts all those years before at SWS and RWR. While proudly keeping our identity we will be promoting in our community and in mainstream venues as well. Hoping to increase a further awareness of the brilliance and talent of our community. As always I value your thoughts and opinions. Please feel free to send along anything you feel you wish. I so look  forward to chatting again with you all. 
     If you wish to be an active artist, I can send you a membership invoice. I can accept: Zelle, a check, or PayPal. Let me know how you wish to go forward and hopefully you will allow your music to be played! If you wish to be an inactive artist, just email me back and let me know. Will proudly include your music. 
Prideful hugs,
StoneWall Society / OutVoice
Rainbow World Radio / GLBT Hall Of Fame

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