[OutVoice] Mountman's Musical Montage returns to Rainbow World Radio

Len Rogers len at stonewallsociety.com
Tue Jun 1 17:05:38 EDT 2021

Happy Pride!!!!

Mountman’s Musical Montage now playing on Rainbow World Radio!

Seeking several songs for future shows. If you have  recorded and would allow play please email me. 
If We Only Have Love  Jaques Brel
Over The Rainbow
I Am What I Am
Pretty Pretty  Peter Allen

Also I have received quite a few emails from listeners interested in hosting House Concerts. Looking for feedback. Is this something that interests you? I can set up a board of sorts so artists can see what is available by area and or date. Then book the concert. Is that something that would be helpful?

Prideful hugs,
StoneWall Society / OutVoice
Rainbow World Radio / GLBT Hall Of Fame

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