[OutVoice] Excitement, excitement, excitement!!!

Len Rogers len at stonewallsociety.com
Mon Jul 26 13:28:48 EDT 2021

Hi all,
      I have a few questions I need some feedback on as soon as possible please. I have been contacted by a local radio station here in Carbondale about having a partnership with them. This could facilitate in this station playing your music. My appointment is set for later this week to discuss all this. I would love to walk in there with your feedback and ideas on this. Do you approve? Your thoughts? Likes/dislikes? So please take a moment to send me back some thoughts so I will be enlightened by you. There is no money involved in this nor an advertising swap. Just a simple music share for the benefit of our artists. 
    Second question: I have gotten a few requests to re-launch the banner program. How do you feel about that? The banner would run on Rainbow World Radio, ChrisArts, and OutVoice. Pricing, sizing and all would mirror the previous banner program. 
    thanks in advance for any response!!!
Hugs around,
StoneWall Society / OutVoice
Rainbow World Radio / GLBT Hall Of Fame

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