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Len Rogers len at stonewallsociety.net
Tue Jul 20 21:25:37 EDT 2021

Hey all,
     Sorry to send a negative but this is past frustrating. Since May I have been emailing or messaging via Facebook that Rainbow World Radio has returned. If you know me, then you know I will not include music for which I do not have permission to include. This is pro artist actually. Most of you have answered, and I thank you for that. More than acceptable have not responded at all. Via email tracking and or Facebook tells you, many have seen my email and just ignored. Personally I find that pretty offensive.
     So I will not hold back the posting of a current directory of participating artists any longer. I don’t get why a simple yes or no is so hard to do. If I have not heard back by 7-25-2021 I will remove music from the library for any artist that has not responded. If you are not happy that I have opened to all non hater artists, nothing I can or will do about that. The participation level is good and lots of artists are waiting for this to get going. I will only update artists that wish to be included once a quarter in the future.  New artists will be added weekly. If a simple email is too difficult to handle then maybe the best answer is just leave the music out all together. I am leaning that way. If the $12.00 optional support feature is what is causing you to not answer, it is optional. If available to you great, if not that’s ok too. 
     On a more positive note, looks like there is an opportunity for me to sponsor regular concerts here as well as sponsoring a House Concert program. The House Concerts have gotten interest from a larger area. Also looking at a network of venues that can be attainable from ChrisArts. These promotions will be open to any participating artist. Yeah that means you have to answer an email. Hope to hear from you, but if not I will take that as a not interested for the final time. 
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