[OutVoice] Praising the Lorde+NYC St. Pat's Pride+LGBT news!

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Tue Mar 22 13:53:48 EDT 2016

Praising the Lorde+NYC St. Pat's Pride+LGBT news!THIS WAY OUTthe international LGBT radio magazine Program #1,460, distributed on 03/21/16(hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)People's poets praise "Sister Outsider";Queer Irish come home to the Big Apple;The Australian government guts its Safe Schools anti-bullyingprogram, Botswana's ban on an LGBT advocacy group is overruled, Kansas lawmakers approve anti-queer campus bias, a Vatican "thumbsdown" makes "Weekend" sizzle at the Italian box office, and more!
- In "NewsWrap": The government of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull guts an LGBT-inclusive Safe Schools anti-bullying program, while Labor and Green parties continue to bicker in Parliament over who’s going to lead the charge to legislative marriage equality… Botswana’s highest court rejects a government bid to ban an LGBT advocacy group… lawmakers in the U.S. state of Kansas allow college groups to deny membership to anyone based on religious belief, while Georgia’s Republican Governor Nathan Deal hints that he’ll veto a more sweeping "license to discriminate" bill that’s passed in both chambers of his state legislature… the re-release in Italy of the acclaimed 2011 independent British film “Weekend”, about a hook-up between 2 gay men that unexpectedly blossoms into romance, gets a thumbs down from the Vatican … so, of course, it’s become one of the country’s major box office successes [with an audio snippet from the film]… and more LGBT news from around the world  (produced by STEVE PRIDE, written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by CAROLE MEYERS & MICHAEL LEBEAU).
- The 255th annual NEW YORK CITY ST. PATRICK'S DAY PARADE on March 17th was historic, as out and proud self-identified LGBT Irish groups were welcomed for the first time in more than 25 years. This brief report includes comments by former City Council Speaker CHRISTINE QUINN, current Queens Councilman JIMMY VAN BRAMER, persistent Irish Queer activist BRENDAN FAY, and NEW YORK CITY MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO.
- "AUDRE LORDE: POET, ACTIVIST, EDUCATOR" is profiled in this "RAINBOW MINUTE" (read by REV. ROBIN GORSLINE and produced at WRIR-FM in Richmond, Virginia by JUDD PROCTOR & BRIAN BURNS).
- AUDRE LORDE reads from her poem "1984" while visiting BERLIN for the last time in 1992.
- It was during her Berlin farewell that Lorde and her surviving partner Dr. Gloria Joseph discussed the comprehensive look at her work that would become "THE WIND IS SPIRIT". The publication of Joseph’s combination anthology/biography was celebrated at the FIRST ANNUAL PROFESSOR AUDRE LORDE MEMORIAL BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION at Hunter College on February 18th. Spoken word performer STACEYANN CHIN and NEW YORK CITY FIRST LADY and poet CHIRLANE McCRAY were among those who came to honor Lorde.================================================================"This Way Out" is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit as OVERNIGHT PRODUCTIONS (INC.), and has been supported by grants from the Kicking Assets Fund of the Tides Foundation, the Yavanna Foundation, a generous bequest by the estate of Christopher David Trentham, voluntary PROGRAM ACQUISITION PAYMENTS FROM YOU, OUR STATIONS, and by tax-deductible donations from our listeners.Please visit www.thiswayout.org to contribute via PayPal.>Thank you for your financial support to keep our program on the air!<--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------On the air since April 1988, "This Way Out" is the multi-award-winning internationally distributed weekly LGBT radio newsmagazine.The program currently airs on more than 200 local community radio stations around the world, is globally distributed at www.radio4all.net, www.indymedia.org, to Pacifica Radio station affiliates in North America via Audioport, and in Australia via the Community Radio Network. Listeners can also hear "This Way Out" via our podcasts at www.thiswayout.org, or on iTunes or Stitcher; across Europe, Africa/the Middle East, and Asia/Pacific regions on the World Radio Network (www.wrn.org); and on postal-mailed audio CDs by subscription.For lots of other information about "This Way Out" please visit www.thiswayout.org, email TWOradio at aol.com, or write to PO Box 1065, Los Angeles, CA 90078, USA.************************************************************Thanks for $upporting THIS WAY OUT!************************************************************

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