[OutVoice] Sam Smith's "history-free" Oscar+Intersex 101+global LGBT news!

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Tue Mar 8 16:18:53 EST 2016

Sam Smith's "history-free" Oscar+Intersex 101+global LGBT news!THIS WAY OUTthe international LGBT radio magazine Program #1,458, distributed on 03/07/16(hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)Writer/activist Hida Viloria introduces "Intersex 101";Sam Smith wins "razzies" for his history-free Oscars homage;A backdoor marriage equality ban fails in Switzerland, theEuroCourt "reunifies" same-gender couples, Bermuda's governmentmixes a civil unions proposal with a marriage equality referendum,a South Dakota anti-trans "bathroom bill" craps out, and lots more!
- In "NewsWrap": Swiss voters narrowly reject a stealth attempt to block the passage of any civil marriage equality proposal… the European Court of Human Rights rules that Council of Europe "family reunification" policies apply to migrating partners of same-gender couples… Bermuda's Government announces plans for a public vote on civil marriage equality for same-gender couples, and legislative measures to create civil unions for them and to strengthen existing heterosexual marriage statutes… the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission files its first-ever discrimination lawsuits against companies charged with bias against LGBT workers… South Dakota lawmakers fail to override the gubernatorial veto of a bill targeting transgender students… West Virginia Senators reject a "religious freedom" bill… hoping to educate her fellow envoys about the real lives of LGBT people, United Nations U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power takes 17 fellow UN ambassadors to a performance of the Tony-award-winning Broadway show "FUN HOME", which is based on lesbian-feminist Alison Bechdel's autobiographical graphic novels [introduced by a snippet from "Changing My Major (to Joan)" performed by ALEXANDRA SOCHA from the original cast recording]… and more global LGBT news (produced by STEVE PRIDE, written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by TANYA KANE-PARRY & JOHN DYER V).
- Singer-songwriter SAM SMITH performed his Best Original Song-nominated "THE WRITING'S ON THE WALL" at the Motion Picture Academy's big OSCARS show on February 28th, crooning the tune he co-wrote with Jimmy Napes for the James Bond movie "Spectre". After he took the trophy, Smith turned himself into an Oscars controversy with his error-encumbered acceptance speech and fallacious follow-ups.
- The quickly obvious answer to this "RAINBOW MINUTE" "Who Said That?" is SIR IAN McKELLEN, profiled by DUSTIN RICHARDSON, recorded at the studios of WRIR-FM in Richmond, Virginia, and produced by JUDD PROCTOR and BRIAN BURNS).
- "This Way Out" correspondent VASH BODDIE breaks through the ignorance of the "I" in LGBTQI with writer/activist HIDA VILORIA (produced with STEVE PRIDE, and with intro/outro music from DAVID BOWIE's "Rebel, Rebel").[hidaviloria.com; http://oii-usa.org/]=========================================================="This Way Out" is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit as OVERNIGHT PRODUCTIONS (INC.), and has been supported by grants from the Kicking Assets Fund of the Tides Foundation, the Yavanna Foundation, a generous bequest by the estate of Christopher David Trentham, voluntary PROGRAM ACQUISITION PAYMENTS FROM YOU, OUR STATIONS, and by tax-deductible donations from our listeners.Please visit www.thiswayout.org to contribute via PayPal.>Thank you for your financial support to keep our program on the air!<------------------------------------------------------------------On the air since April 1988, "This Way Out" is the multi-award-winning internationally distributed weekly LGBT radio newsmagazine.The program currently airs on more than 200 local community radio stations around the world, is globally distributed at www.radio4all.net, www.indymedia.org, to Pacifica Radio station affiliates in North America via Audioport, and in Australia via the Community Radio Network. Listeners can also hear "This Way Out" via our podcasts at www.thiswayout.org, or on iTunes or Stitcher; across Europe, Africa/the Middle East, and Asia/Pacific regions on the World Radio Network (www.wrn.org); and on postal-mailed audio CDs by subscription.For lots of other information about "This Way Out" please visit www.thiswayout.org, email TWOradio at aol.com, or write to PO Box 1065, Los Angeles, CA 90078, USA.************************************************************Thanks for $upporting THIS WAY OUT!************************************************************

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