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(hosted this week by Lucia Chappelle and produced with Greg Gordon)
Rentboys rally after the U.S. Homeland Security raid;
Jerusalem cops are punished for not stopping the Pride murderer,
an equality ally ousts Abbott in Australia, Davis in denial as same-
gender couples get marriage licenses in Rowan County, Kentucky,
Fayetteville defies an Arkansas ban on rights protections, Italian
homophobia engulfs Venice, Moscow is the "unfriendliest" city, more!

- In "NewsWrap": Eleven Jerusalem police officers are punished for security lapses at the Israeli capital's July 30th LGBT Pride parade that allowed an ultra-Orthodox Jew with a rabidly anti-gay history to stab 6 people, one of whom later died… PM Tony Abbott continues to take heat for favoring a national vote over parliamentary action in what seems to be the inevitable march toward marriage equality in Australia*; nobody knows [when this newscast was recorded] if Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis will continue to defy the judge who jailed her for contempt and try to stop her clerks from issuing marriage licenses to same-gender couples when she returns to work on September 14th*; the voters of Fayetteville make theirs the fifth Arkansas municipality to defy a state ban against anti-bias protections for LGBT people… regional officials want to stop any positive discussion of LGBT people in Venice, Italy area schools, while Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro takes heat for banning 49 queer-positive children's books from school libraries and threatening to ban the city's annual Pride parade.,. the Russian city of Moscow - home to one of the most oppressive anti-LGBT regimes on Earth - "wins" a "Travel and Leisure" magazine survey as the world's "unfriendliest city”… and more global LGBT news (produced by STEVE PRIDE, written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by WENZEL JONES and CHRISANNE EASTWOOD) + UPDATES: a still-resistant Kim Davis doesn't interfere with her deputies handing out marriage licenses to same-gender couples in Rowan County, Kentucky; and Tony Abbott is ousted from his Liberal Party leadership by equality ally Malcolm Turnbull, who's expected to become Australia's new Prime Minister [voiced by LUCIA CHAPPELLE].

- The recent raid on the Manhattan offices of the escort website RENTBOY.COM by none less than the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has sparked outrage, protest rallies in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and West Hollywood, and a renewed campaign for the decriminalization of sex work. When he was in New York late last year, "This Way Out's" STEVE PRIDE discussed the escort service, and sex work in general, with Rentboy's Chief Operating Officer, known in the business as HAWK KINCAID, who was subsequently among those arrested last month; "NewsWrap" reporter MICHAEL LEBEAU reports on the raid itself; and correspondent VASH BODDIE chats with the organizer of the protest rally in West Hollywood, DANNY CRUZ, about how the shuttering of Rentboy.com is affecting him and his fellow Rentboys.
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