[OutVoice] StoneWall Society 16th Birthday Musical Show/Party!

Len Rogers len at stonewallsociety.com
Sat Oct 31 18:48:14 EDT 2015

Rainbow World Radio proudly presents: 
StoneWall Society - 16th Birthday - Musical Quilt Show! Join me and 28 friends!

Sugarbeach,     Bill Budd,    Ari Gold,    Norine Braun,  Dennis Hensley,   Djola Branner,     Clark Carlton,    Andy Northrup,   Bruce Gabriel 
Freddy Freeman,    Ani DiFranco,    Clay Callaway,    Deep Dickollective ,     Anna Gutmanis,     Don Harvey,      Candye Kane, 
Doug Stevens and the Out Band,     Drew Paralic,     John Raymond Pollard,   Christy Claxton,     Jay Spears,     Joshua Klipp,     Janet Villas ,   Julian Yeo, 
Mark Barnes,   Mark Weigle,     Scott Free,       Lea DeLaria,     &    
Yolanda Roger Anthony Mapes and the Plastic Family

Come and celebrate 16 years! 

Happy Birthday StoneWall Society!
StoneWall Society / OutVoice
Rainbow World Radio / GLBT Hall Of Fame

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