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Global Fleeing & Freeing + LGBT news + more!"THIS WAY OUT: the international LGBT radio magazine"Program #1,439 - distributed 10/26/15Airs on more than 200 local stations around the world -Check the "Affiliate Stations" list on our website, or listen now via our free podcasts at www.thiswayout.org- or on iTunes, Soundcloud, or Stitcher -(hosted this week by Lucia Chappelle and produced with Greg Gordon)Outright counts global equality gains and losses;The real story behind the queer anthem "(Something Inside) So Strong";Canada's Liberal Party landslide ushers in the second Trudeau era,Slovenia's High Court forces a referendum on marriage equality, civilunions begin in Chile, Russian lawmakers want to criminalize comingout, a global doctors group supports trans rights, and more news!
- In "NewsWrap": Canadian LGBT activists are cautiously optimistic about the Liberal Party regaining power in Parliament and the country's relatively progressive new PM Justin (son of Pierre) Trudeau… Slovenia's High Court clears the way for a referendum challenging the civil marriage equality law passed earlier this year by parliament, while activists in Chile push for full marriage equality while celebrating the advent of civil unions… some Russian lawmakers are proposing ramping up the "no promo homo" law to also make coming out in public a crime, while a new law takes effect in the Sharia-ruled Indonesian province of Aceh calling for anyone caught engaging in same-gender sex to be publicly caned, but the World Medical Association resolves that transgender people don't need "cures" but deserve compassionate and unbiased healthcare… and more LGBT news from around the world (produced by STEVE PRIDE, written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by JOHN DYER V and TANYA KANE-PARRY).
- Highs and lows are part of the normal workload for OUTRIGHT ACTION INTERNATIONAL Executive Director JESSICA STERN. In the conclusion of her 2-part conversation with STEVE PRIDE that began last week, Stern talks more about how her group, formerly known as the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, or IGLHRC, addresses global movement concerns -— including the positive notes (begins with a lift from Part 1 and intro music from "Power in the Darkness" by THE TOM ROBINSON BAND; outro music from an excerpt from "Gimme Shelter" featuring ROSELYN WILLIAMS from the multi-artist "Playing for Change”).[www.OutRightInternational.org; www.playingforchange.com]
- As sung by THE FLIRTATIONS at the 1993 March on Washington for LGBT Rights, "(SOMETHING INSIDE) SO STRONG" became known to much of the West as a classic queer anthem — never realizing that it was penned in 1987 by SOUTH AFRICAN musician LABI SIFFRE. Siffre (also heard in a 2007 live performance) revealed this week that the song that at the time rallied the anti-apartheid movement was actually inspired by his experiences as a gay man. His first live performance in 16 years is set for November 8th in London.======================== * ======================="This Way Out" is a U.S. tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit under the corporate name of OVERNIGHT PRODUCTIONS (INC.), and is supported by the Kicking Assets Fund of the Tides Foundation, the Yavanna Foundation, a bequest from the estate of Christopher David Trentham, and donations from our listener-supporters.Thank you!=> Please log on to thiswayout.org to add your support [a tax-deductible charitable donation in the U.S.].  We really can't go on without you!***************************************************************On the air since April 1988, "This Way Out" is the multi-award-winning internationally distributed weekly gay and lesbian radio news magazine. The program currently airs on more than 200 local community radio stations around the world, globally distributed at www.radio4all.net, to Pacifica Radio station affiliates in North America, and in Australia via the Community Radio Network.  Listeners can also hear "This Way Out" through our podcasts at thiswayout.org; on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher; across Europe, Africa/the Middle East, and Asia/Pacific regions on the World Radio Networks (wrn.org); and on audio CD by individual subscription. For lots of other information about "This Way Out" please visit www.thiswayout.org, email TWOradio at aol.com, or write to PO Box 1065, Los Angeles, CA 90078, USA.********** Thank you for $upporting "This Way Out"! **********

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