[OutVoice] OutVoice Top 20 CD's of September 2015

Len Rogers len at stonewallsociety.com
Sun Oct 25 17:35:38 EDT 2015

OutVoice! The Internet GLBT Musician's Top Twenty CD Chart. Current Chart Congrats Top 20 CD's of Sept 2015!

 Run Jenny,    Derek Bishop,     Shawn Thomas,    Norine Braun,    Nhojj,    Rachael Sage,    Linq,    Jeffery Straker,    Kiya Heartwood,    Yolanda Roger Anthony Mapes,    Tom Goss, 

Tret Fure,    Corey TuT,    Sonia Rutstein Disappear Fear,    Rich Goberville,    Burning Nopal,    Kevin Wood,    IK Holleratascholar Peezy,    Namoli Brennet,    Steve Sandberg

The chart is online at www.outvoice.net 

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