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Harry Hay's "Gay Window" + global LGBT news!"THIS WAY OUT: the international LGBT radio magazine"Program #1,443 - distributed 11/23/15Airs on more than 200 local stations around the world -Check the "Affiliate Stations" list on our website, or listen now via our free podcasts at www.thiswayout.org- or on iTunes, Soundcloud, or Stitcher -(hosted this week by Lucia Chappelle and produced with Greg Gordon)A liberated librarian questions the original Radical Faerie;Irish eyes smile at the country's first same-gender weddings, adoptionreform expands Portugal's queer families, Kenyan lawmakers reject a"kill the gays" bill, the world observes the 16th annual TransgenderDay of Remembrance, a North Carolina school suspends all student clubsrather than allow an LGBT support group on campus, and more news!
- In "NewsWrap": Lesbian and gay couples begin legally marrying in the Republic of Ireland; Portugal's parliament opens adoptions to married same-gender couples, while Kenyan lawmakers reject a "stone the gays" death penalty bill for the second time… the 16th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance is observed around the world with celebrations of life and memorials for the 271 trans people reported murdered in the past year because of their actual or perceived gender identity… officials at a North Carolina school suspend all extra-curricular clubs — including the school mascot-based Raptors for Christ - rather than allow an LGBT support group to meet on campus; Utah judge Scott Johansen, roundly condemned for removing a baby girl from her foster moms' loving home only because they're lesbians, withdraws from the case… and more LGBT news from around the world (produced by STEVE PRIDE, written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by WENZEL JONES and JOHN DYER V).
- Long before "queer theory" was an academic discipline, there was HARRY HAY; and long before there were well-funded libraries and archival collections of LGBT history, there was JIM KEPNER. Hay's life is explored in Stuart Timmons' biography "The Trouble with Harry Hay" and Eric Slade's ITVS documentary "Hope Along the Wind". To really understand Hay's role in the development of queer consciousness, we turn to a 1975 interview where he expresses the original ideas that led to the founding of Radical Faeries in 1979. The occasion was the first daylong marathon of LGBT programming on KPFK-Los Angeles, and the interviewer was another late, great movement pioneer, Jim Kepner, founder of the International Gay & Lesbian Archives, a collection that is now part of the ONE Archives at the USC Libraries (with thanks to Brian DeShazor and the Pacifica Radio Archives; intro/outro music from "Harry Hay" written and performed by TIM CAIN and BOYS' ENTRANCE; and internal transition music from "Best Friend (The Unicorn Song)" by MARGIE ADAM) [13:xx] .  14:xx
- Promo for next week's "This Way Out" special observance of the 27th annual World AIDS Day, which features our RICK WATTS exploring the past, present and future of HIV/AIDS with pioneering DR. MICHAEL GOTTLIEB, one of the first physicians to identify and treat the immune system-suppressing disease in gay men. ========================= * ================================ Please support Overnight Productions (Inc.)/This Way Out on December 1st!#GivingTWOday  #GivingTuesday:
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