[OutVoice] Sydney Mardi Gras Moments+Lesbian marrieds at Selma+more!

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Tue Mar 17 15:55:38 EDT 2015

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Hijinks conquer homophobia at Sydney's Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras;
One of Alabama's first wedded lesbian couples bridges the gap;
Peru's Roman Catholic Church-pressured Congress kills civil unions,
Alberta blesses Gay/Straight Alliances, Swiss lawmakers extend
an existing bias ban to include LGBT people, the EuroCourt nixes
forced trans sterilization, and more LGBT news!

- In "NewsWrap": A civil unions bill for same-gender couples dies in a Peruvian Congressional committee - again… the Canadian province of Alberta makes high school Gay-Straight Alliances on all publicly-funded campuses mandatory… the "Utah Compromise" LGBT anti-bias bill enacted this week - with significant religious exemptions - may be good for the Mormon-dominated state, but would probably be considered a setback almost anywhere else… Swiss lawmakers vote to protect LGBT people from hate and discrimination… the European Court of Human Rights rules that sterilization cannot be required of people seeking gender reassignment surgery… and more LGBT news from around the world (produced by STEVE PRIDE, written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by WENZEL JONES and NATALIE PEOPLES).

- Civil rights activists who were beaten on SELMA, ALABAMA's Edmund Pettus Bridge in 1965 did not imagine that 50 years later the first African American U.S. President would commemorate their march for voting rights -- or that a half-century would bring Alabama to another bridge to equality. At the historic movement meeting place, "DEMOCRACY NOW!’s" AMY GOODMAN found African-American lesbians TORI WOLFE-SISSON & SHANTÉ WOLFE-SISSON, one of the first same-gender couples in the state to marry (with intro music under brief comments during the commemoration by PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA from "We Shall Overcome" hummed by THE MOREHOUSE COLLEGE GLEE CLUB).

- Those looking for spectacle at the 2015 SYDNEY GAY & LESBIAN MARDI GRAS PARADE on March 7th were not disappointed. The 37th edition of the celebration – with the theme this year of "Passion" – drew a crowd estimated at 200,000, and featured everything from the traditional Dykes on Bikes to more than 150 colorfully decorated floats, numerous marching units, and "Kim Jong-Un" atop a golden tank. Thanks to Melbourne, Australia’s "all LGBTIQ all the time" JOY 94.9 and Sydney’s 2SER community radio station, here’s an "audio quilt" taste of the festivities (excerpted by GREG GORDON from excerpts from the original 4-hour live broadcast, featuring on-scene coverage by DEAN BECK, HARRY LLOYD, SOPHIE LY, JAMES FINLAY, JOHN CALDWELL, DYLAN ADLER, EMMA MOFFAT and JACK CRANE, and comments by Aboriginal gay activist GAVIN IVEY, Mardi Gras Parade Creative Consultant IGNATIUS JONES, and "Rainbow Parents" HELEN & JUDE; executive produced by EMILY DWYER with major support from SBS Radio and the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia).
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