[OutVoice] Will SCOTUS "take the 6th?"+Liberia, Ebola & gays+more!

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Tue Nov 11 15:27:24 EST 2014

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A U.S. Circuit Court marriage equality ruling paves a Supreme path;
Homophobia complicates Ebola-phobia in Liberia;
Three new books support trans-people and those who love them;
Uganda revives its anti-LGBT agenda, trans-women win rights in
Malaysia and Ireland, how a Russian monument to Steve Jobs became
"a public call to sodomy", and more global LGBT news!

 In "NewsWrap": A new bill in Uganda seeks to revive the infamous 
"Anti-Homosexuality Act", and is being called "even more draconian", 
while 8 Egyptian men who appeared in a notoriously viral "gay wedding" 
video each get 3 year prison terms; Malaysian trans-women win the right 
to cross-dress, and the Irish government settles a 21-year legal battle 
with trans activist Dr. Lydia Foy… Estonia becomes the region's third 
country to deny entry to Russian sitcom actor Ivan ("burn gays alive in 
ovens") Okhlobystin, while Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics, 
who banned Okhlobystin from his country last week, announces that he is 
"proud to be gay" on his official Twitter page… Russian officials tear 
down a 6-foot interactive iPhone tribute on a St. Petersburg college 
campus to late Apple founder Steve Jobs after current CEO Tim Cook comes
 out, explaining that the memorial has now become "a public call to 
sodomy”.. and more LGBT news from around the world (produced by STEVE 
PRIDE, written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by CHRISTOPHER 

- "Queer Life & Literature" 
commentator JANET MASON leafs through the pages of 3 new books for and 
about trans-people and those who love them ["RAISING MY RAINBOW" by Lori
 Duron (Broadway Books); "STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU" by Jennifer 
Finney Boylan (Crown/Random House); and "TRANS BODIES, TRANS SELVES" 
edited by Laura Erickson-Schroth (Oxford University Press)] 

- LGBT people in the Ebola hotspots of
 West Africa – especially LIBERIA – are falling victim to a related 
plague of hate. MSNBC's "RONAN FARROW Daily" consulted someone who's 
reported extensively on that equally-contagious syndrome, JAY MICHAELSON
 of "The Daily Beast" [www.msnbc.com].

- The contrarian U.S. 
SIXTH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS broke with four other federal appeals 
courts on November 6th by upholding bans on civil marriage for lesbian 
and gay couples in the states of Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee.
 A day later, lawyers for the same-gender couple plaintiffs in all four 
states jointly decided to forgo asking a larger panel of the Sixth 
Circuit to reconsider the 3-judge panel's ruling and appeal directly to 
the U.S. Supreme Court. From her program the night of the ruling, MSNBC 
news anchor RACHEL MADDOW describes the winding road a case must take to
 reach the nation’s highest court, and comments on what the Supremes 
will now need to do; CHRISTIAN BRYANT of YouTube outlet "Newsy" details 
some specifics of the Sixth Circuit ruling; NPR Legal Affairs 
Correspondent NINE TOTENBERG dissects the rationale of the 2-to-1 
panel's decision and discusses any political implications; and in 
predicts what's likely to happen next (with brief outro music from 
"Marry Me" by ARRO VERSE).
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