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Tue Nov 4 16:13:46 EST 2014

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Human stories hail equality at Taiwan's first Queer Film Festival;
"Looney" Louie Gohmert "massages" the U.S. military;
Singapore barrels backwards on gay sexuality, sodomy charges against a
Ugandan activist and 2 others are dropped but a new anti-gay law gets
fast-tracked, Sri Lanka claims constitutional LGBT protections but
defends its sodomy law, Latvia bans a hateful Russian TV star, & more!

- In "NewsWrap": Singapore's highest court upholds the Southeast Asian 
island city-state's colonial-era sodomy law, while cases against 3 men 
charged with violating Uganda's similar law are dismissed, but a new 
version of the East African nation's notorious Anti-Homosexuality Bill 
gets fast-tracked in Parliament… the Sri Lankan government tells the 
U.N. Human Rights Committee that LGBT people are protected from bias in 
the South Asian island nation's constitution, but defends its 
colonial-era "gross indecency" law by claiming that it doesn't 
specifically target gay people… a U.S. United Methodist Church jury 
reinstates pastor Franklin Schaefer, who was defrocked for officiating 
at his gay son's wedding… Apple CEO Tim Cook officially comes out – to 
almost universal acclaim – except for Vitaly Milonov, the "father" of 
Russia's infamous "no promo homo" law, who wants Cook banned from 
entering the country because he might bring "the Ebola virus, AIDS (or) 
gonorrhea" with him… but Latvia bans homophobic Russian sitcom actor 
Ivan Okhlobystin from entering the country for a one-man show in Riga 
because he's called for all gay people to be "burned alive”… and more 
LGBT news from around the world (produced this week by WENZEL JONES and 
STEVE PRIDE, written by GREG GORDON, and reported by NATALIE PEOPLES 
& RYAN PEST) + Breaking news (voiced by GREG GORDON): Russian 
authorities tear down a 6-foot statue of an iPhone because Tim Cook's 
coming out was "a call to sodomy"; and 8 Egyptian men captured in a 
viral "gay wedding" video face 3 years in prison (more on that story 
next week).

REPRESENTATIVE LOUIE GOHMERT speaks, credibility meters implode. Gohmert
 is currently serving his fifth term in the U.S. House, so chronicling 
his career of, shall we say, "unique" comments would be fruitless (so to
 speak) -- but his pronouncements this week on U.S.-China relations and 
military service by gays and lesbians will give you a good idea. Comedy 
Central's faux conservative commentator STEPHEN COLBERT was all over it 
(with intro/outro music from "The Country's in the Very Best of Hands" 
performed by STUBBY KAYE & PETER PALMER from the "Li'l Abner" movie 

- TAIWAN has become East 
Asia's most vibrant democracy since the lifting of marshal law in the 
mid-80s, and is considered to be the region's most LGBT-friendly 
society. The only thing missing in its advance toward full inclusion 
seemed to be a film festival – until now.  PCJ Radio International's 
FILM FESTIVAL, and explored the unique Asian island, with the Festival’s
 international coordinator VICTOR STEVENSON (with brief intro music from
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